Dance at Skeppis with Malungs Spelmanslag Feb 27, 2009

Dreary evening? Alone? Boring TV programs? Potato crisps, overweight, being in bad shape? 

Enjoy Dance - Enjoy Life!

This site is about Swedish traditional social dancing, focused on the Stockholm region.

The Dance Calendar contains public dancing events for the Stockholm region. 

If you have not tried dancing before, take your chance for improved life quality and enjoyable exercise in a dance course. You do not need a partner, but might find one...

Already an enthusiast and have discovered the joy of dancing? Then let yourself into  Swedish traditional dancing. Smile and get inspired by a comrade, who during countless dancing events has stumbled along to a personal style, involving improvisation and playfulness. The site includes variants useful when dancing traditional Swedish dances, polskor and foxtrot.

The purpose is to mediate own experiences, and the joie de vivre that has enriched life during numerous dance events.

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>> 18:00 SommartangoTango Norte

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>>Ekskogens spelmansstämma 28/5 2020
>>Dans & knyt med Polskedansarna i Skarpnäc..
>>Folkdansutbildning på Erik Sahlströminsti..
Ekskogens spelmansstämma 28/5 2020

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>> 5/9GammeldanskursGDV Jakobsberg
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