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Dance Reports 1999 (Sweden)

Winter Folk Music Festival at Kallhäll

Jan 23, 1999

For the first time we visited the winter dance event in Kallhäll. Previously we had been discouraged by reports about poor dance space.

We had not found any program for the event, so we arrived at 6 p.m.. If we had known that Peter Carlsson, Ale Möller and Pelle Lindström had a performance there at 5, we would probably been there earlier.

When we arrived the dance had already started. The dance room was better than expected. It lies at the ground floor and is without windows and has a plastic surface. It proved to be very smooth and nice to dance at, and had enough elasticity to remove any feeling of dancing on concrete.

The ventilation was also better than expected, it was only at a few occasions that it had too low capacity. It was rather tight and crowded, but it was possible to dance all the time. There were some chairs around the walls, but many persons were also standing around the floor.

There was much gammaldans, but also some polskor.

The following musicians played:

  • Dance instruction with Hörkens
  • Järfälla Nyckelharpsgille
  • Cittrasterna
  • Edsbacka Spelmän
  • Kungsängens Spelmanslag
  • Arne Modén
  • Bas, Fiol & Drag;
  • Kollijox
  • Wallmans Polskekvartett
  • Bro Låtgille
  • Bröt
  • Lätt o Lagom
  • Wermdö Durspelare
  • One more group that played when we left at 11 p.m.

There was also some possibilities to dance at other places in the house. We danced for example a very enjoyable and inspiring waltz at the third floor.

We will for sure visit Kallhälls Spelmansstämma again!

Ten enjoyable hours and tired legs

Tired and happy... This weekend offered quite a lot of dance.

Wermdö Durspelare at Hemmesta

January 29, 1999

On Friday we choose gammaldans with Wermdö Durspelare at Hemmesta. Hemmesta is located at some distance from the central city, but is rather easily reached with bus.

Wermdö Durspelare is a very lovely group, making me wanting to dance. Unfortunately we will miss the next event with them due to a conflicting dance course. At this event we have luck and get a lift with Leffe back to town, and get then an interesting talk with him about dance back in time.

Skarphälls Spelmanslag at Alvik

January 30, 1999

On Saturday there are several dance events to choose among. We have at least three dances we would like to visit, but our choice is Örjansringen and Skarphälls Spelmanslag.

It is always nice to go to Örjansringen, and we are happy to meet Skarphälls Spelmän again, it was a year or two since the last time. They play many types of folk music, e.g. Upplandspolskor, beautiful waltzes and also some tango and foxtrot. We remember for example Linnea played as foxtrot, which was a very nice experience.

In the pause it is traditionally dancing games and folklore, this time also the Västgötapolska worked well.


January 31, 1999

On Sunday the muscles are stiff after the dance. But Mälarsalen begins their dance already at 5 p.m. The tired legs suddenly wake up when Sigtuna Spelmän tell us how much they like to come to Mälarsalen and play. After the pause they ask for and get some extra time to play more.

Ludgo-Pelle with Gamla Polare (old friends) play the mixed dance. The low pace modern dance at this stage suits the mind and the legs. I must admire Ludgo-Pelle, still going strong.

In total there was 10 hours of intensive dancing this weekend, and then is coffee- and other short pauses not counted.

Fortunately there is a work to go to, giving a chance to recover the tired legs!

Gnesta Folk Music Festival

Feb 6, 1999

Encouraged by the previous success with the dance event in Kallhäll, we decided to try one more of the for us unknown dance events - the winter dance event in Gnesta. We had during the previous years felt discouraged by the long travel from Stockholm.

We travelled with the local train to Gnesta, where we easily got help to find the dance. Elektron is situated just over five minutes walk from the railway station, along the road that runs parallel to the railway beyond the station when travelling from Stockholm, to the left of the road.

The dancing room is approximately square, with some tables at the entrance, a low stage opposite, and a café with tables along the left side about one metre above the dance floor. The dance floor is parquet-laid and is excellent for dance.

We arrived at half past six, and then the dance had already started. It was rather many dancers that we had not seen before, and also some youth people.

We missed Nyköpings Spelmanslag, and when we began to dance it was dance hand in hand in a long row with Ingvar Andersson. He then played hamburgska and slängpolska for the rest of his half hour.

The rest of the evening contained about as much gammaldans as polskor. Among polskor, hamburgska and slängpolska were most common, but also some polskor from Dalarna were played. Hambopolkett (gubbstöt) was rarely played. We do not remember the names of all the musicians, but remember for example a guy who played clarinet very nicely. Leif-Billyz, that we know from previously, had also an appreciated performance.

The train left at 10.45 and took us without problems back to Stockholm. We enjoyed the evening and hope to come back the next year.

Hallunda Tuesday Dance

Feb 9, 1999

When we this evening visited the dance in Hallunda, we were tempered by a memory of Dingtunas playing nice modern dance music.

The dance was well visited, and our memory was correct. Dingtunas use saxophone and sometimes trombone. Several partners I danced with told me spontaneously that the liked this orchestra.

Before pause they played two modern and one gammaldans, after pause three modern and one gammaldans. Because of the varied music it was quite nice. For example the last melody before pause was wiener waltz, and after pause they played one tango and one modern waltz. A sign of our pleasure was that we stayed to the end of the dance.

Hallunda Folk Music Festival

Feb 13, 1999

When we arrived just before 6 p,m., it was a little more quiet compared with previous years. Both visitors and musicians seemed to be fewer. At the main dance floor it was as usually gammaldans, at the smaller dance floor it was polskor. We did only dance at the main hall. We visited the smaller room twice, but the dances that then were played felt less enjoyable to dance than the gammaldans.

Despite that it was less visitors it was plenty of nice dancing, of course with Ellika but also with acquaintances e.g. from Alvik, with local visitors and with a casual acquaintance from Skeppis. Slagsta Spelmanslag played twice, very nicely. The dance ended at 10.45 p.m. with family waltz and family schottishe. On the train home I felt I was very tired in my legs.

Swing at Nalen

Feb 14, 1999

We had reached level one of the proceeding course in jitterbug, and thought it was definitively time to practice the dance. We had noticed that Nalen had started with dances on Sundays, which seemed to be a golden opportunity.

My legs were still tired after the preceeding dance, and when there was five minutes break before we left for the dance, I did almost fall asleep.

We planned to join the instruction at 5 o'clock, to get warmed up before the dance.

At Nalen there was plenty of people, and the hall was full of dancers eager to learn. The instruction gave a feeling for the rhythm, and a simple variant was also taught within one hour. And we were warmed up, but more by the environment than by own produced energy.

When the dance started it was really crowded and tight, which at least made us not feel exposed. The music was very good, which made us wishing for more space for the dance. The floor had better glide than at the previous visits.

At this time we were also warmed from inside. The orchestra played one hour at a time, with a pause in between. The music contained many old famous melodies, like Frank Sinatra etc.. In the pause there was more space to dance. The music in the pause contained for example some Glenn Miller music.

The dance I liked best was when a speedy rock melody was played, although we then danced jive. There was also some samba and cha cha cha. After a couple of hours there was more space, but at that time the music did also change. My legs felt at this stage like belonging to Pinocchio - stiff, but with knees that swayed in all directions.

When we left after the third pause and summed up the evening, we agreed on three things: The music was very good, we used what we had learned from the dance, and we failed to end the dances in a neat way. At the long ritardandos at the end of the melodies it was mostly either a couple of annoying steps after the music stopped, or the other way around.

March 26 - March 28, 1999

It is now again time to report from some of the dances we attend. The last weekend contained much gammaldans and polskor.


March 26, 1999

On Friday we choose once again to take the bus to Hemmesta Bygdegård, where Wermdö Durspelare were playing. It was more visitors than at our previous dances there. The orchestra had now a microphone for announcing their melodies, although it was even more difficult to hear the contents when it was used.

Stockholms Spelmanslag 10 years jubilee

March 27, 1999

On Saturday we visited the 10 years' jubilee with Stockholms Spelmanslag at the Music Museum. It was well attended, and there were also some attendees that seemed to have used the 'under 25 years' free tickets. The evening was very nice. As usually when Stockholms spelmanslag is playing, mainly polskor were played.


March 28, 1999

On Sunday Mälarsalen had a dance with gammaldans and mixed dance. Slagsta Gille played gammaldans, and Jonnys played mixed modern and gammaldans music. It was beautiful weather and it was also the first day of the summertime. It was very few visitors when the dance opened at 5. More dancers did however arrive, and it took not long until it was rather much people there.

The evening was fun, but without any chance to rest. It seems to be almost impossible to drink enough water, which caused us to leave just before the end.

This weekend we were once again exhausted when walking home after the dance.

April 9 - April 10, 1999

Westlings at Jakobsbergs GDV

April 9, 1999

After my 'traditional' Eastern cool, we could not resist from participating in the dance with Westlings and Jakobsbergs GDV at Aspnässkolan.

The trip to the event was not without friction, but once we arrived we enjoyed the evening and stayed of course to the end. Westlings dance music is something that has to be experienced.

The dance was well attended and nice, although I had to keep in mind to keep a low profile after my cool.

Boda Spelmanslag at Bagarmossen

April 10, 1999

On Saturday there were two dances to choose among, Mixdur in Hemmesta and Boda Spelmanslag in Bagarmossen. We choose after considerable frustration Boda Spelmanslag.

This dance was also well attended, a little crowded though. The floor there was new, and a little resistant in the beginning. At the end of the dance it was however marvellous. As with the previous dance, I had to keep calm as I was not fully recovered after my cool. It was a nice atmosphere, and the dance ended on overtime with "Långdans from Sollerön".

June 15 - June 21, 1999

Mats Bergmans at Galejan (Skansen)

June 15, 1999

This was the first time for a very long time that the dance at Skansen started before midsummer.

The weather was very nice, and so was the dance floor when Mats Bergmans played to dance. The dance was very well attended.

The "mixture" for the evening was modern, modern, modern - and two dances with gammaldans before and after the pause.

Hemmesta Bygdegård

June 16, 1999

On Wednesday we visited the outdoors dance at Hemmesta Bygdegård with Wermdö Durspelare. The weather was once again excellent, and with some help from dance wax the outdoors dance floor was good. We caught the direct bus back to the town, and did thus miss the end of the dance.

Bollnästorget (Skansen)

June 17, 1999

On Thursday Ludgo-Pelle and Gamla Polare played gammaldans at Bollnästorget. The excellent weather remained, but the dance floor was a little rough in the beginning. After some polishing with the soles by us dancers it was however improved.

The dance music was traditional, with a brisk style that was common some decades ago. I admire Ludgo-Pelle for his incredible staying power. Despite all the years his tone and his tempo is still very accurate, and he has not lost his inspiration. It is no doubt that the group enjoyed every minute they played this evening, and that they played gammaldans.

Night watch at Skansen

June 21, 1999

On Monday it was the last summer solstice this millennium. Skansen celebrated this event with an extensive programme, lasting the night through.

Goodtimers opened with music from the 50's at Galejan, and they did it excellent. It was a lot of visitors, and those (like me) enjoying dance with movement could get problems finding space.

This first part of the dance ended all too soon, at 11 p.m. At midnight however, the dance was resumed with "logdans" in the barn, and with dance instructions of polska at Bollnästorget. In the barn it was tight with space. When we started our retreat at 2 a.m. the activity at Bollnästorget, the barn and the outdoors dance floor was still going strong.

June 30 and July 1, 1999

Streaplers at Galejan (Skansen)

June 30, 1999

Before the pause Streaplers played traditional modern dance. The orchestra then promised that the best part of the evening still was to come, something we by then did not understand the full meaning of.

After the pause we understood better. By then a concert with dance opened, with many hits created by Streaplers during the last decades. When all musicians had made their entrance, we counted 13 persons at the stage. The show was very good, with a stirring sound. Mixed with all the hits, they had also a medley with evergreens. This concert made the evening and the dance.

Lill-Stickans at Bollnästorget

July 1, 1999

As Ludgo-Pelle had done previously, Lill-Stickans showed that they were very happy to bee there playing gammaldans, and spread the joy they felt to us that were dancing.

The evening was very enjoyable.


Apr 4, 1999

Björn Ståbi, Bengan and Gunnel had a release concert with dance at Nybrokajen 11. The event occurred at the same time as Stockholms spelmanslag had a dance in the Music Museum nearby. The audience was mostly new to us, with younger people compared to most other dances we visit.

The concert was very nice. With these musicians playing, that is probably needless to say.

After a small pause there was dance at the café. It is not much space for dance there, despite this it was some dancing, mainly polskor.


Sep 11, 1999

Wermdö Durspelare visited Örjansringen in september. Outside it was still summer, a summer that this year seemed willing to stay for ever.

Conny - one of the musicians - told us that the last time he visited Alvik, that was as a member of Ransäterspöjkera, around 1985.

The dance floor was excellent, and Wermdö Durspelare plays very nice gammaldans. As always at the events with Örjansringen, the evening contained a lot of dance and was very nice.

Neon Folk Music Festival

Sep 24, 1999

RFoD arranged a folk music festival - Neon - at the Stockholm Cultural house.

The following musicians and groups participated:

In the lecture hall (with dance floor):

  • Eter
  • Väsen
  • Sanna Kurki-Sounio
  • Fire Feler
  • Rotvälta
  • Norrlåtar

In the café (with dance floor):

  • Puma Hedlund
  • Jeanette Jansson
  • Curt Tallroth/Olov Johansson
  • Öyonn Groven Myhren
  • Ellika Frisell

The audience was similar as at the Nåra event (see above), and was rather numerous. As it was a dance event at the same time at Skeppis, probably some of the polska dancers were there. The music was mostly modern folk music, which seems to appeal to a youth audience. Ellika and I find in many cases the more traditional folk music at least as inspiring for dance purposes. At this event our impression was that it was mainly the traditional music that enticed the public to dance. It is not possible to give a complete description of the evening, as there was dance on several floors at the same time.

We danced mostly to Puma, Fire Feler, Ellika Frisell and Norrlåtar. The other musicians we did only listen and dance to occasionally, basically because we are not that used to Norwegian dances. Puma and Ellika Frisell are very nice musicians. Our highlight for the evening occurred at the last event for the evening, but it was without any doubt worth waiting for it. Norrlåtar had a very much acclaimed concert with dance. The audience showed loudly that they would prefer to hear more when the dance ended at 1 a.m.

Boda Spelmanslag at Sollentuna Library

Oct 2, 1999

This day in October was still very mild. A dance event was announced in Sollentuna, with dance in the evening at the Amorina room in the Sollentuna Library. It was the first time we visited this place. The north exit from the local railway station took us straight to the event.

The room has an odd shape, and can be described as a hexagon that has been squashed so it has become oblong. Along one of the sides the stage is located, while the opposite side is a control booth (for film showing?). At the side of this booth there is platform, with a ramp on one side. The floor was acceptable, however a little stiff.

Boda Spelmanslag plays wonderful dance music. We are not alone to think so, the room become soon full, crowded and hot. The ventilation was not dimensioned for all these dancers, and the limited space made the dancing difficult.

During the pause another group played gammaldans. It was then slightly more space. After the pause it was also a little more space to dance. Boda Spelmanslag plays bodapolskor better than anyone else, nicely varied with other dances. When we walked back to the railway station it was nice to be cooled by the mild October breeze.

Nalen, DansFolk99

Oct 16, 1999

We joined the event when Leif-Billyz started playing, at 8 pm. In the entrance we faced a swarm of people, probably many of them had attended the previous items of the programme. The dance floor in the big hall was used for dance only. This was the first time at our visits to Nalen when not parts of the floor was used for serving and tables.

Despite this, it was fairly crowded during the dance. The public was mixed, with both old acquaintances and unknown persons, and also youth dancers. The dance contained mainly gammaldans, with some polskor included.

There was also dance shows and some instructed joint dances, as a greeting dance, engelska danced to a more modern music style, and Landskronakadrilj.

I liked the dance a lot, and not least that it was a great number of dancers with different backgrounds.

I did however afterwards get a few comments from others that were not that enthusiastic - possibly because the dance sometimes was a little messy, caused by the crush.

Hallunda Folkets Hus

Oct 18, 1999

Occasionally we visit the dance on Tuesdays in Hallunda. This Tuesday we went to there because Slagsta Gille would also play.

The dance was well attended, but the usual mixture of 2g/1m before the pause, and 3g/1m after, was now replaced with only modern dance music. Probably this was because Slagsta Gille plays gammaldans only.

The gammaldans was played during two half hours.

When only modern dance music is played, I sometimes feel it is too little variation . However this opinion seemed not to be shared among all dancers.

As we could finish the evening with gammaldans, the overall feeling was however that it had been a nice evening.

Folk Music Festival in Nacka

Nov 13, 1999

For the fourth time we visited the yearly dance event at Nacka Forum. It was more difficult to choose which event to join this time, because Söderringen had a dance jubilee at the same time at Bagarmossens FH.

It was plenty of space on the dance floor, as has been the case at this event for the previous years.

The floor was very well prepared. Klintetten opened the dance. They played a very nice mixture of gammaldans and polskor. They played for one hour, and my feeling was that was too short.

In the middle of evening it was half an hour with joint dances, e.g. engelska and finish family schottishe. The latter was in my opinion played with too high pace.

Among other musicians, Arne Modén, Monika Söderberg and Svartlösa Spelmän can be mentioned. It is not often we have the chance to dance to Svartlösa, every time we have done so it has been highly appreciated.

It was a nice evening, with nice dance floor, enough with space and good dance music.


Dec 30, 1999

Örjansringen arranged traditionally a dance event the day before the New Year's Eve, with Leif-Billyz playing. The group sometimes call themselves 'the only gammaldans orchestra in Sweden', something that probably many other groups and dancers do not agree with. They have however the skills to play many types of music, which they showed by sometimes mix with some nice polskor.

The physical exercise of the dance was apparent. Possibly there could have been a few more men at the dance, because besides a quick 'fika' at the beginning of the dancing games I danced all dances but one.

Also the family waltz and family schottishe at the end of the dancing games (two rings) were more demanding than usual. The evening contained many nice dances with varying partners.

Among the dances worth remembering was a rather slow schottishe, where Ellika and I for the first and probably only time had success dancing all variants we learned during the most advanced standard Lindy course organized by Swedish Swing Society, in one go without any interrupts or mistakes.

Dances visited 1999

Su 10 JanJonnysGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Sa 23 JanSpelmans-stämmaGDV JakobsbergKallhälls FH*****
Su 24 JanMac OhlssonsGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Fr 29 JanStil och harmoni i samdansMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 29 JanWermdö durspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård*****
Sa 30 JanSkarphälls spelmanslagÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus*****
Sa 30 JanPRRP + Kriminal TangoOmåttlig dansMusikmuseet
Su 31 JanSigtuna spelmän, Gamla PolareMälarsalenMälarsalen***
Tu 02 FebMicke AhlgrensHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 03 FebHuddinge Dragspelsklubb -21:15Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
Th 04 FebTelespringarPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 05 FebGästrikedanserMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 05 FebOle Hjort, Bosse LarssonDanshusetWestmanska krogen
Fr 05 FebHasse SvedbergsGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 05 FebBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 05 FebJacksSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 05 FebChapsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 06 FebSpelm.stämma. Öppnar 12:00TiGGnesta Elektron*****
Sa 06 FebMalungs, Orsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Su 07 FebThorbjörnsGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 07 FebKurs 17:00,18:00 Leif KronlundSamiNalen
Tu 09 FebDingtunasHallunda FHHallunda FH***
We 10 FebStråkdraget (- 21:15)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 10 FebLotta Engbergs, ZagersSamiNalen
Th 11 FebRehnskavSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 11 FebFöllingedanserPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 12 FebRöros polskaMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 12 FebHasse SvedbergsGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 12 FebJämtl, Norrb, norskt o finsktFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Sa 13 FebScenprogram från 13:00Slagsta GilleHallunda FH*****
Sa 13 FebWermdö durspelareBygdedansens vännerBagarmossen FH***
Sa 13 FebRåmantik + Jennie LöbelOmåttlig dansMusikmuseet
Su 14 FebPeo Jönis´,21 Andr.P. ( kurs 17:00)SamiNalen*****
Tu 16 FebGe Pe BandHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 17 FebDalaföreningens spelm.lag -21:15Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren*
Th 18 FebSigtuna SpelmänSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 18 FebÅrsmöte + danskvällPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 19 FebÅrsmöteMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 19 FebHasse RutasGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 19 FebboogartMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 20 FebSthlm spelmanslagStockholms SpelmanslagMusikmuseet?
Sa 20 FebTimmyzGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 20 FebMac OlssonTuna GilleEkebygården
Su 21 FebKavalkadGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 21 FebHambopolkett, Polskor (Arne)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 21 Feb17 kurs,18 Gugge H,21 Stretch OuSamiNalen
Tu 23 FebKeith ElwinsHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 24 FebRaj Raj (-21:15)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 24 FebSwing & Sweet (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
We 24 FebFernandozSamiNalen
Th 25 FebPolska från Alfta o OvanåkerPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 26 FebPeo Jönis´, Jump4 JoyNalens VännerNalen
Fr 26 FebOrsa, Boda, NåsföraMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 26 FebHasse RutasGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 26 FebLöpsjötorparn/ÅrsmöteSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 26 FebWermdö durspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård***
Sa 27 FebWestlings spelmänÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus*****
Sa 27 FebFolk o FolkSelam/RFoDMunchenbryggeriet
Sa 27 FebJuniorsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 28 FebLär din nästa, Schottis, PolskorFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 28 FebKentahzHallunda FHHallunda FH
Su 28 FebWestlings, JuniorsMälarsalenMälarsalen?
Su 28 FebLeif Kronlunds, (kurs 17:00)SamiNalen
Tu 02 MarCavalkadHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 03 MarOlavis Trio (-21:15)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 03 MarJennieL&Swing Kings (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 04 MarHasse SvedbergsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 04 MarTeknik och dansPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 05 MarVallentunadanserMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 05 MarPer Gudmunsson & Björn StåbiDanshusetWestmanska krogen
Fr 05 MarBas, Fiol och DragGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 05 MarSound ExpressMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 06 MarLeksands, Orsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 06 MarSvart Kaffe + Kriminal TangoOmåttlig dansBagarmossen FH
Sa 06 MarMats BergmansMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 07 MarTango, Snoa, Polskor (Arne)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 07 MarBosse FranksGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 07 MarKustbandet (kurs 17:00-18:00)SamiNalen***
Tu 09 MarNordbergsHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 10 MarNacka Låtkvintett (-21:15)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 10 MarLimehouse Swing (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
We 10 MarStreaplersSamiNalen
Th 11 MarBas Klas & Swing that musicSamiNalen
Th 11 MarBro LåtgilleSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 11 MarPolskor Gästrikland. Benny&ChristinPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 12 MarSväv, Sönderhoning, Slunga m.fl.MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 12 MarKollioxGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 12 MarMats Bergl.,Fredrik Lundb. (workshop 19)DanshusetWestmanska krogen
Sa 13 MarStarkens spelmän (fd Ås-Anders)ÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus*****
Sa 13 MarGamla Polare m Ludgo-PelleGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 13 MarTonixMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 14 MarHedezHallunda FHHallunda FH
Su 14 MarTango,Norskleiten(Ulf,Christina)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 14 MarPeo Jönis´ Satin Dolls (17:00 kurs)SamiNalen
Tu 16 MarMicke AhlgrensHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 17 MarBörjes Spelgäng (-21:15)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 17 MarLeif-BillyzGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 17 MarPygme Jazz (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 18 MarRöros Pols. Ulla & Lennart SandbergPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 19 MarDanser från VemdalenMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 19 MarBF & DGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 19 MarMarkus S, Olov J, nyckelharporFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 19 MarMasbandetSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 19 MarPeriklesMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 20 MarHöilands. Enligt FJLIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenUpplands Väsby FH
Sa 20 MarGamla Polare m Ludgo-PelleTuna GilleEkebygården
Sa 20 MarDans,pub cirka 20:30, konsert 18:30MusikhögskolanMusikhögskolan
Sa 20 MarKindbergsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 20 MarI afton dans. SalutSamiNalen***
Su 21 MarJuniorsGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 21 MarHambo, Polskor (Arne)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 21 MarGugge H (kurs 17:00)SamiNalen
Tu 23 MarHans RytterströmHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 24 MarStråkdraget (-21:15)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 24 MarUdda jämt (18:30 instr)Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 24 MarHoliday in Harlem (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
We 24 MarBlack JackSamiNalen
Th 25 MarSigtuna spelmänSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 25 MarHalling. Magnus SamuelssonPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 26 MarVärmlandsdanser (U&L Sandberg)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 26 MarFolkmusikkväll - fri entréFritid VallentunaEkebygården
Fr 26 MarWermdö durspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård***
Sa 27 MarSound of Swing Big BandNalens VännerNalen
Sa 27 MarInträde 40:- (under 25 gratis)Stockholms SpelmanslagMusikmuseet*****
Sa 27 MarMac OhlsonsGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 27 MarSchyttsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 28 MarLär din nästa, Polka, PolskorFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 28 MarLeif EngvallHallunda FHHallunda FH
Su 28 MarSlagsta Gille, JonnysMälarsalenMälarsalen*****
Su 28 MarLeif Kronlunds (kurs 17:00)SamiNalen
Tu 30 MarMats BergmansHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 30 MarSkärholmens DragspelsklubbSkärholmens dragsp.klJakobsb.gård,Bredäng
We 31 MarHuddinge Dragspelsklubb -21:15Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 31 MarJazzin´ Topsys (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 01 AprHasse SvedbergsÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus
Th 01 AprMatz BladhsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 02 AprCasanovasMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 03 AprFernandozMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 04 AprJennie LöbelSamiNalen
Mo 05 AprTango, Engelska, Polskor (Olle)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Mo 05 AprJacksGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Tu 06 AprLöpsjötorparnHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 07 AprNacka Låtkvintett (-21:15)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 07 AprHasse Lings (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
We 07 AprMats BergmansSamiNalen
Th 08 AprTango, allmogejazz. ?dans?Iogt-Nto 31 DrabantenFinlandsinstitutet
Th 08 AprStorhurven,Orsapolska. Yvonne&TorbjPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 09 AprSödra Dalarna, Malung polskorMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 09 AprJonny SolingDanshusetWestmanska krogen
Fr 09 AprWestlings spelmänGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan***
Fr 09 AprBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 09 AprTorbjörnsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Sa 10 AprMora, Orsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 10 AprBoda SpelmanslagStockholmiaBagarmossen FH***
Sa 10 AprMixdurWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård
Sa 10 AprStreaplersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 11 AprSpringvals, Föllinge (Ulf,Chris)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 11 AprBallroom Big Band (kurs 17:00)SamiNalen
Tu 13 AprGideonsHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 13 AprT.W.F Count Basie 295: (konsert 19)SamiNalen
We 14 AprDalafören. Spelm.l (årsmöte)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 14 AprStolen Sweets (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 15 AprRehnskavSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 15 AprPolskor Jämtland + dans. Arne ModenPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 16 AprDans fr Bohuslän (Hans & Sonja)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 16 AprAnders B, Anders N, fiol dalamusikFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 16 AprBoogieMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 17 AprBordunträff (workshop fr 12:00)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Sa 17 AprKapsyl + Martin P/Tottes TrioOmåttlig dansMusikmuseet
Sa 17 AprBosse FrancksGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 17 AprSoundersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 18 AprGamla PolareGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 18 AprTango, Polskor (Arne)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 18 AprPeo Jönis' (kurs 17:00)SamiNalen
Mo 19 AprCount Basie 295:- (konsert 19)SamiNalen
Tu 20 AprGlenn EndysHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 21 AprRaj Raj (-21:15)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 21 AprHarlem Jazz Camels (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 22 AprBro LåtgilleSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 22 AprBodapolska. Mats KullanderPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 23 AprOrepolska, Humpa (Mats Kullande)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 23 AprRosenbergs sjuaDanshusetWestmanska krogen
Fr 23 AprWermdö durspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård
Sa 24 AprTrollrike spelmänÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus?
Sa 24 AprBoda/Bingsjö+Sthlm spelm.lagStockholms SpelmanslagMusikmuseet
Sa 24 AprVdala spelm.lag (Instr schottis 18)Uppsala Folkmusikfören.Uppsala Wald.skola
Sa 24 AprCurt HaagersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 25 AprFolkmusikfestSthlm spelm.gilleJakobsb.gård,Bredäng
Su 25 AprLär din nästa, Schottis, PolskorFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 25 AprTierps spelm.lag, Mac OhlsonsMälarsalenMälarsalen?
Su 25 AprGugge HedreniusSamiNalen
Tu 27 AprCleo m grabbarna/Slagsta GilleHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 28 AprOlavis Trio (avslutn, - 22:30)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 28 AprTowe WidebergsSamiNalen
We 28 AprTommy Löbel Swing BandJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 29 AprBallroom B.B., Hay.Kafe, Jan Boqv.Nalens VännerNalen
Fr 30 AprHasse SvedbergsSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Fr 30 AprWahlströmsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 01 MayFolk o FolkSelam/RFoDMunchenbryggeriet
Sa 01 MayMicke AhlgrensMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 02 MayTango, Hambo, Polskor (Arne)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 02 MayChiquitaHallunda FHHallunda FH
Su 02 MayLeif Kronlunds (kurs 17:00)SamiNalen
Tu 04 MayJuniorsHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 05 MayOla Pålsson Boogies (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Fr 07 MayÅnon Egeland, Mikael MarinDanshusetWestmanska krogen
Fr 07 MayBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 07 MayMats BergmansIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 08 MayFolkmusikfest-Sandviken
Sa 08 MayÄlvdalens, Orsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 08 MayOrientExpressen,ValramnOmåttlig dansBagarmossen FH
Sa 08 MayJacks m Trosa-LasseGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 08 MayDriftersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 09 MayWestlings, SkarvarnaMälarsalenMälarsalen?
Su 09 MayPolka, Polska fr KallFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 11 MayDingtunasHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 11 MayMac OlssonUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge?
Tu 11 MaySkärholmens dragspelsklubbSkärholmens dragsp.klJakobsb.gård,Bredäng
We 12 MayTom Pletchers (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
We 12 MayKårsdraget konsert + Y5 dansSamiNalen
Fr 14 MaySalsa kväll (dans?)SamiNalen
Fr 14 MaySannexIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 14 MayDateMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 15 MayHectorsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 16 MayEngelska, Polska (Arne)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 18 MayBrasklapparnaUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
We 19 MayA Lindh&Jazzen anfaller (k18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Fr 21 MayStreaplersIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 22 MayUngdomsringens dag. Allm dans 15-16Slagsta GilleSkansen
Sa 22 MayJuniorsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Mo 24 MayLär din nästa, Rimpa, Polska (Olle)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 25 MayMats Bergmans (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 25 MayNilsandersUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge***
We 26 MayKustbandet (kurs 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 27 MayBarbadosHågelbyHågelby
Fr 28 May?-Akalla By
Fr 28 MayKnytis. Musik delar av Boda/BingsjöPolskedansarnaOdlarens koloniomr.
Fr 28 MayCasanovasIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 28 MayVagabondMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 29 MayMunspels-stämmaFarsta KulturkommitteFarsta Gård
Sa 29 MayMälaröstämman (dans fr. 19:00)Nuart, Mäl.g, Färingsö hFärentuna hemb.gård
Sa 29 MayCavalkadMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 30 MaySnoa, Polska (Arne)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 01 JunCavalkad (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 01 JunLöpsjötorparnsUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge***
Th 03 JunSchyttsHågelbyHågelby
Th 03 JunOlle och IngvarSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Fr 04 JunThorleifsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 05 JunSlagsta-stämman 12:00-22:00Slagsta GilleHågelby
Sa 05 JunTangokväll teater+dans (180:-)SamiNalen
Su 06 JunSpelmansstämmaTäby spelmansgilleSkogberga Spelm.gård
Su 06 JunKajstämma (kurser fr 14:00)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 06 JunTangokväll teater+dans (180:-)SamiNalen
Mo 07 JunTangokväll teater+dans (180:-)SamiNalen
Tu 08 JunJuniors (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 08 JunSkarvarnaUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Th 10 JunMicke AhlgrensHågelbyHågelby
Th 10 JunWallen & SegerbladSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Fr 11 JunBlack JackIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Su 13 JunUtedansbanan. Olika grupper spelarABF Farsta kulturkom.Farsta Gård*
Tu 15 JunNorrländers (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 15 JunJuniorsUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 15 JunMats BergmansSkansenSkansen*
We 16 Jun-22:00. Inne om regn, annars uteWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård***
Th 17 JunSannexHågelbyHågelby
Th 17 JunBrasklapparnaSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Th 17 JunGamla Polare m Ludgo-PelleSkansenSkansen*****
Fr 18 JunKindbergsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 18 JunBallroom Big BandSamiNalen
Sa 19 JunNick BorgensSkansenSkansen
Sa 19 JunSwingdansSamiNalen
Mo 21 JunGoodtimers -23.30, logdans 0-03:30SkansenSkansen
Tu 22 JunJacks (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 22 JunJonnysUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 22 JunJuniorsSkansenSkansen
We 23 Junwgd/wdgWärmdö Bygdegård
Th 24 JunCasanovasHågelbyHågelby
Th 24 JunGeorg Lindbergs kapellSkansenSkansen
Fr 25 JunSymphonyHågelbyHågelby
Fr 25 JunGrindsäters , IntactSkansenSkansen
Sa 26 JunGrindsäters, IntactSkansenSkansen
Su 27 JunLeif-BillyzGåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 28 JunSkansens storbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 29 JunSquare dance (BMBP) Stefan Sidholm-Akalla By
Tu 29 JunGideons (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 29 JunMac OlssonsUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 29 JunCandelaSkansenSkansen
We 30 JunEvergr, swing, lat.amer. Gratis-Älvsjöbadet
We 30 JunMats BergmansAkalla ByAkalla By
We 30 JunTanto TangoTango NorteTantogården
We 30 JunStreaplersSkansenSkansen*****
Th 01 JulKikki DanielssonsHågelbyHågelby
Th 01 JulLill-StickansSkansenSkansen*****
Fr 02 JulKellysIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 02 JulLeif KronlundsSamiNalen
Sa 03 JulPaula & CoSkansenSkansen
Sa 03 JulSwingdansSamiNalen
Su 04 JulHjulåkers spelm. 17:30 instr tangoGåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 05 JulSkansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 06 JulLennarts (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 06 JulTommysSkansenSkansen
We 07 JulSpelmans-stämmaBingsjöstämmanBingsjö
We 07 Julwgd/wdgWärmdö Bygdegård
Th 08 JulMats BergmansHågelbyHågelby
Th 08 JulMac OlssonsSkansenSkansen***
Fr 09 JulLasse StefanzIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 09 JulLeif KronlundsSamiNalen
Sa 10 JulJoyrideSkansenSkansen
Sa 10 JulSwingdansSamiNalen
Su 11 JulFlensbygdens sp.gille. 17:30 ins gdGåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 12 JulSkansens storbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 13 JulMickeys (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 13 JulNils ThoresSkansenSkansen
We 14 JulUtomhus. Fritt inträde. Instr 18:30-Uppsala Disagården
We 14 JulAkalla ByAkalla By
Th 15 JulFernandozHågelbyHågelby
Th 15 JulNorrtelje ElitkapellSkansenSkansen
Fr 16 JulGrönwallsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 16 JulMaynard Ferguson Big BandSamiNalen
Sa 17 JulWestlings+Trollrike (kurs fr 16.30)-Ottarsborg (Vendel)
Sa 17 JulHjältarnaSkansenSkansen
Sa 17 JulRon Sunshine & Full SwingSamiNalen
Su 18 JulTrollrike spelmän (spelm.stämma 12)-Ottarsborg (Vendel)
Su 18 JulMalmabygdens B-lag. 17:30 1700-talGåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 19 JulSkansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 20 JulZagers (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 20 JulDingtunasSkansenSkansen
We 21 JulUtomhus. Fritt inträde Instr 18:30-Uppsala Disagården
We 21 JulAkalla ByAkalla By
Th 22 JulWahlströmsHågelbyHågelby
Th 22 JulWestlingsSkansenSkansen
Fr 23 JulMats BladhsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 23 JulLAPD Big BandSamiNalen
Sa 24 JulJannezSkansenSkansen
Sa 24 JulLAPD Big BandSamiNalen
Su 25 JulBygdens Blandning. 17:30 GuidesällsGåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 26 JulSkansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 27 JulMicke Ahlgrens (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 27 JulCavalkadSkansenSkansen
We 28 JulAkalla ByAkalla By
We 28 JulÖstra Aros spelmän. Instr 18:30FyrisgilletUppsala Disagården
We 28 Julwgd/wdgWärmdö Bygdegård
Th 29 JulTowe WiderbergsHågelbyHågelby
Th 29 JulTierps spelmanslagSkansenSkansen
Fr 30 JulFernandozIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 30 JulLeif KronlundsSamiNalen
Sa 31 JulWahlströmsSkansenSkansen
Sa 31 JulJennie Löbel & Swing KingsSamiNalen
Su 01 AugSörmländska lekare. 17:30 BellmanGåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 02 AugSkansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 03 AugCavalkad (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 03 AugBrasklapparnaUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 03 AugLöpsjötorparnSkansenSkansen
We 04 AugAkalla ByAkalla By
We 04 Aug-22:00. Inne om regn, annars uteWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård
Th 05 AugBlack JackHågelbyHågelby
Th 05 AugSlagsta Gilles spelmanslagSkansenSkansen
Fr 06 AugTowe WiderbergsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 06 AugBallroom Big BandSamiNalen
Fr 06 AugJoyrideVattenfestivalenNorrström
Sa 07 AugLeif Kronlunds/Jump4 JoySamiNalen
Sa 07 AugCleoVattenfestivalenNorrström
Su 08 AugUdda jämt. 17:30 visor Eva FärneboGåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Su 08 AugBoogartVattenfestivalenNorrström
Mo 09 AugSkansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Mo 09 AugFernandozVattenfestivalenNorrström
Tu 10 AugJuniors (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 10 AugSkarvarnaUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 10 AugNorrländersSkansenSkansen
Tu 10 AugBallroomVattenfestivalenNorrström
We 11 AugPolskor och gammaldansFolkmusikhusetTantogården
We 11 AugKellysVattenfestivalenNorrström
Th 12 AugHectorsHågelbyHågelby
Th 12 AugWallen & SegebladSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Th 12 AugMusik vid kvarnen, spelm.stämmaStudieförb. VuxenskolanVallentuna, Kvarnen
Th 12 AugStarkens spelmänSkansenSkansen*****
Th 12 AugBarbadosVattenfestivalenNorrström
Fr 13 AugSpontan spelning o dans-Södra Teatern
Fr 13 AugSpontan dans-Wärmdö Bygdegård
Fr 13 AugMats BergmansIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 13 AugStorbandsdans/Leif KronlundsSamiNalen
Fr 13 AugMartinezVattenfestivalenNorrström
Sa 14 AugSp.stämma. Hambotävl fr 9, dans 19-Wärmdö Bygdegård
Sa 14 AugJennie Löbel & Swing KingsSamiNalen
Sa 14 AugCandelaVattenfestivalenNorrström
Su 15 AugPlayboys+Gnesta sp.l. 17:30 instr pGåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 16 AugSkansens storbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 17 AugMats Bergmans (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 17 AugLöpsjötorparnsUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 17 AugGideonsSkansenSkansen
We 18 AugPolskor och gammaldansFolkmusikhusetTantogården
We 18 AugStockholms spelmanslag 20:00SkansenSkansen***
Th 19 AugKindbergsHågelbyHågelby
Th 19 AugBrasklapparnaSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Th 19 AugBålsta dragspelsgilleSkansenSkansen*
Fr 20 AugCurt HaagersIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 20 AugSwing & Beat Big BandSamiNalen
Sa 21 AugUttringestämman (kurser fr 08:30)Sv. Folkdansens VännerRönninge
Sa 21 AugHöilandsSkansenSkansen
Su 22 AugJennie Löbel & Swing KingsSamiNalen
Mo 23 AugDave Bradish Swing BandSkansenSkansen
Tu 24 AugNorrländers (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 24 AugNilsandersUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 24 AugMicke AhlgrensSkansenSkansen
We 25 AugBoda-Bingsjö (instr 19:30)SkansenSkansen***
Th 26 AugJoyrideHågelbyHågelby
Th 26 AugOlle och IngvarSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Th 26 AugSatin Dolls,Peo Jönis, Good TimersSamiNalen
Th 26 AugKultisarnaSkansenSkansen***
Fr 27 AugLotta EngbergsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 27 AugBallroom Big BandSamiNalen
Sa 28 AugTyresta-stämmanABFTyresta by
Sa 28 AugSchyttsSkansenSkansen
Su 29 AugJennie Löbel&Swing Kings (kurs 18)SamiNalen***
Su 29 AugFrida och Dansbandet-Husby Träff
Tu 31 AugMicke Ahlgrens (kurs gd 18:15)HågelbyHågelby
Tu 31 AugJuniorsUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge***
We 01 SepAnders Lind, Jazzen anfallerJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 02 SepNick BorgenHågelbyHågelby
Fr 03 SepMicke AhlgrensIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 04 SepSvärdsjö spelmanslag, Orsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 04 SepNåra. Bengan J, B Ståbi, Gunnel MRikskonserterNybrokajen 11***
Sa 04 SepFolkmusik och dansUppsala Folkmusikfören.Uppsala Wald.skola
Sa 04 SepKriminal Tango, Simon S/Maria JOmåttlig dansBagarmossen FH
Sa 04 SepStockholms spelmanslagStockholms SpelmanslagMusikmuseet
Sa 04 SepMats BergmansMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 05 SepSäsong start. Tango, valsFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 05 SepJump'n Jive Seven (kurs 17)SamiNalen
Tu 07 SepJuniorsHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 07 SepJonnysUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge***
We 08 SepEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 08 SepRaj RajEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 08 SepHarlem Jazz CamelsJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 09 SepPolskor o gammaldans fr s RoslagenPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 10 SepSvanskog,Finnskoga. Yvonne,TorbjörnMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 10 SepBosse FranksSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 10 SepKindbergsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 10 SepBoogieMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 11 SepCountry-matine (14-20), 150:-SamiNalen
Sa 11 SepWermdö DurspelareÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus*****
Sa 11 SepHectorsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 12 SepMac OlssonGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 12 SepSchottis (Barndans 16:45)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 12 SepHoliday in Harlem (kurs 17)SamiNalen
Tu 14 SepDingtunasHallunda FHHallunda FH***
We 15 SepEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 15 SepBörjes SpelgängEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 15 SepHasse L.- Sync. of Swing (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 16 SepMotionsdansSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 16 SepÖstleks slängpolska (Björn F)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Th 16 SepLeif KronlundsSamiNalen
Fr 17 SepSönderhoning, Fanö. Karin o EllgeMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 17 SepDriftersIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 18 SepTritonusOmåttlig dansMusikmuseet
Sa 18 SepBrasklapparnaGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 18 SepSpotlightsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 19 SepSpelmans-stämma, logdansSolna KulturskolaÖverjärva gård
Su 19 SepKvad-dans, hamboFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola*****
Su 19 SepChinoxHallunda FHHallunda FH
Su 19 SepRoyal Blue Melodians (kurs 17)SamiNalen
Tu 21 SepGlenn-EndysHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 22 SepEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 22 SepNacka låtkvintettEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 22 SepOnsdagsdanserna börjar. Instr 18:30Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 22 SepJennie L. o Swing Kings (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 23 SepMotionsdansSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 23 SepBodapolska (Ingrid o Kicken)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 24 SepDingtunasNya vännerMedborgarhuset
Fr 24 SepFolkmusikfest. Norrlåtar, Väsen m.fl.RFoDKulturhuset***
Fr 24 SepSmådanser Oviken. Ulla o LennartMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 24 SepJohan H, Hady P, David TFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 24 SepZlips, Coola Killar + underhållningSamiNalen
Fr 24 SepBoogartMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 25 SepNorrlåtar-Uppsala Katalin
Sa 25 SepBoda-Bingsjö. 100:- inkl kaffeBygdegårdsfören EkskogenEkebygården
Sa 25 SepFolkoFolk. Världsmusik o dansfestSelam/RFoDMunchenbryggeriet
Sa 25 SepRoynesTuna GilleVtuna Rosendalskolan
Sa 25 SepKindbergsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 26 SepLär din nästa, snoaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 26 SepJuniorsGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 26 SepSlagsta Gille + JacksMälarsalenMälarsalen*****
Su 26 SepSwing that Music (kurs 17)SamiNalen
Tu 28 SepMarinezHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 28 SepKonsert och dansSkärholmens dragsp.klJakobsb.gård,Bredäng*
We 29 SepSvartlösa Härads spelmänEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 29 SepUlf J. Werre kvartett (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 30 SepBallroom Big Band, Lars E/Kjell Ö 150:-SamiNalen
Th 30 SepPolskor Jämtl, Dalsl (M,L Virtanen)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 01 Oct60-talsparty Tages, AgeOnStage,Stefan RSamiNalen
Fr 01 OctBingsjö,Rättvik,Storhurv.Leif, MargMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 01 OctBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 01 OctSkarvarnaSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Sa 02 OctFalu spelmanslag, Orsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 02 OctBoda spelmanslag. Spelm.stämma 11 (13)Sollentuna KulturSollentuna Bibliotek***
Sa 02 OctFlygande Bokrullen, BrötOmåttlig dansBagarmossen FH
Sa 02 OctFlamingokvintettenMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 03 OctTango rep. Tangostuga. EngelskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 03 OctCavalkadHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 05 OctGideonsHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 05 OctHasses Duo, motionsdans (-21:00)HälsofrämjandetKarlbergsvägen 32A
We 06 OctDalaföreningens spelmanslagEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 06 OctRydskogen Joymakers (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
We 06 OctArvingarnaSamiNalen
Th 07 OctMotionsdansSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 07 OctGott o Blandat (Mats Kullander)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 08 Oct60-talsparty. Micke R, Baboo, AgeOnStageSamiNalen
Fr 08 OctDansteknik. Britt o IngemarMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 08 OctWahlströmsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 09 OctJonnysGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 09 OctKriminal TangoTango NorteBagarmossen FH
Sa 09 OctBlack JackMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 10 OctBengt HedinGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 10 OctPolka, bakmes, åtabak polskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola*
Su 10 OctGugge Hedrenius Big BandSamiNalen
Tu 12 OctKeith ElwinsHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 13 OctOlavis TrioEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 13 OctMalmabygdens B-lagGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 13 OctLimehouse Swing Orch (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 14 OctMotionsdansSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 14 OctSamdans o Lyhördhet (Andreas B)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 15 Oct60-talsparty. Hep Stars, AgeOnStage, ..SamiNalen
Fr 15 OctKollijox (träningsdans snoa)GDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 15 OctPolska fr Gimdalen, Idre. Anita,UlfMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 15 OctEllika F, Sven A. Konsert och dansFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 15 OctWermdö DurspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård***
Sa 16 Oct Leif Billyz mm. dansFOLK99,öppnar kl.10SamiNalen*****
Sa 16 OctJuniorsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 17 OctKvaddans, vals, polska (Arne)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 17 OctBerth IdoffsHallunda FHHallunda FH
Su 17 OctRoslaget, Bas,Fiol o drag i HarlemSamiNalen
Tu 19 OctTowe Widebergs + Slagsta GilleHallunda FHHallunda FH***
We 20 OctHuddinge DragspelsklubbEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 20 OctLundgrens LagerGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 20 OctJan Carlbom Sextett (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 21 OctDans fr Bohuslän (Karin o Ejlif)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 22 OctHasse Rutas kvartett (träningsdans)GDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 22 OctOviken, Ragunda. Eva,TommyMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 22 OctMac Olsson'sSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena***
Fr 22 OctZlipsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 23 OctOktoberstämman. Dans cirka 16a-23?Uppsala Folkmusikfören.Skarholmen, Uppsala
Sa 23 OctSkarphälls spelmanslagÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus***
Sa 23 OctDansstuga. Håkan&Peter RoosBygdedansens vännerArena Satelliten
Sa 23 OctCurt HagersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 24 OctEnklare Dans, schottis, polska (Olle)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 24 OctThor-BjörnsGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 24 OctJump'n Jive Seven. Kurs 17:00SamiNalen
Tu 26 Oct-Dancing ForeverKristinehovs Malmg.
Tu 26 OctMats BergmansHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 26 OctHasse DuoHälsofrämjandetKarlbergsvägen 32A
Tu 26 OctKonsert och dansSkärholmens dragsp.klJakobsb.gård,Bredäng
We 27 OctRaj RajEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren*
We 27 OctSwing That Music (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 28 OctSigtuna Spelmän. MotionsdansSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 28 OctPolskor fr Värmland (Ulla, Lennart)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 29 OctSos BigBand, Jumping JacksSamiNalen
Fr 29 OctFolkmusik-kväll. Fri entreFritid VallentunaVtuna Rosendalskolan
Fr 29 OctCittrakomp/Järf. Nyckelh.gille (träGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 29 OctRepetition. John, RehneMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Sa 30 OctPolskenatta. Anmälan -991025, 0142-20248Folkmusik i LinköpingLinköping Globenteat
Sa 30 OctSvärdsjö spelmanslagStockholmiaBagarmossen FH*****
Sa 30 OctNils-AndersGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 30 OctSoundersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 31 OctMogen dans, RospiggarnaSamiNalen
Su 31 OctChiquitaHallunda FHHallunda FH
Su 31 OctSigtuna Spelmän + JonnysMälarsalenMälarsalen***
Su 31 OctTango, polska (Arne) (Medlemsfest fr 14)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 31 OctHasse Ling and Syncopators. Kurs 17:00SamiNalen
Tu 02 NovZagersHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 03 NovNacka LåtkvintettEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 03 NovPygmé Jazz Band (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 04 NovJP Nyströms konsert (ej dans)-Södertälje Trombon
Th 04 NovHasse Svedberg. MotionsdansSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 04 NovFavoritdanserPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 05 NovHasse Svedbergs (träningsdans)GDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 05 NovBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 05 NovOle Hjorth o Sven Ahlbäck (workshop 19)DanshusetWestmanska krogen
Fr 05 NovVagabondMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 06 Nov?Omåttlig dansSödra Teatern
Sa 06 NovOlle Wallmans spelmän, Orsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 06 Nov57:anÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus***
Sa 06 NovNorsk-svensk spel- och dansträffFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Sa 06 NovSannexMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 06 NovI Afton Dans, Storband. Folkmusik i HarlSamiNalen
Su 07 NovSlagsta Gille 16-17.30, Cavalkad 18GDV HusbyHusby Träff***
Su 07 NovTango. Hambo, polska (Olle)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 07 NovRay Gelato Giants. Kurs 17:00SamiNalen
Tu 09 NovMicke AhlgrensHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 10 NovSörmländska LekareGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 10 NovTommy L. Swing Band (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 11 NovPolskor fr Skåne (Margareta L)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 12 NovHasse Rutas kvartett (träningsdans)GDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 12 NovSödra Dalarna, Boda. Bengt, MalinMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 12 NovHans RöjåsFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 12 NovJonnysSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Sa 13 NovBas, Fiol o Drag (-23:30) 55års jubileumSöderringenBagarmossen FH
Sa 13 NovDixilands-musik-Älvsjö Godtemplargår
Sa 13 NovNackastämman. Öppnar 12, dans 19 - 22:30Nacka HembygdsgilleNacka Forum***
Sa 13 NovTrio m Bumba-Lidingö Källängsskol
Sa 13 NovWalléns orkesterTäby GammeldansareTäby c, Fören.gården
Sa 13 NovFernandozMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 14 NovLeif EngvallsHallunda FHHallunda FH
Su 14 NovSnoa, norskleitjen (Elisabeth, Bosse)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 14 NovHoliday in Harlem. Kurs 17:00SamiNalen
Tu 16 NovDingtunasHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 17 NovBörjes SpelgängEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 17 NovPlayboysGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 17 NovJesses Swing Wing (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 18 NovRehnskav. MotionsdansSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 18 NovPolskor fr Södra Dalarna (Ragge)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 19 NovSJO, Bara Damer, Sound of Swing BandStockholms JazzorkesterSahlénhuset
Fr 19 NovBas, Fiol och Drag (träningsdans)GDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 19 NovBohuslänska danser. Sonja, HansMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 19 NovWermdö DurspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård
Fr 19 NovSound ExpressMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 20 Nov25-års jubileumsfestBygdedansens vännerAlvik medborgarhus
Sa 20 NovSpel- och danskväll (Per R m fl)Uppsala Folkmusikfören.Uppsala Wald.skola
Sa 20 NovRåmantik, tango trioOmåttlig dansRönneb bygdeg Järna
Sa 20 NovMasbandetGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 20 NovNick BorgensMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 21 NovMässingssextett. 14:00-18:00, intr. 50:-Stockholms FröjderSahlénhuset
Su 21 NovBosse FrankGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 21 NovHambopolkett, polska (Arne)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 21 NovJennie Löbel o Swing Kings . Kurs 17:00SamiNalen
Tu 23 NovJuniorsHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 24 NovStråkdragetEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 24 NovLästringelåtarGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 24 NovHoliday in Harlem (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 25 NovSigtuna spelmän. MotionsdansSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 25 NovBingsjöpolska, Orsapolska (Britt-M)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 26 NovWestlingsGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 26 NovSörmländska danser. Mats KMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Sa 27 NovSalsafest (kurs 19:00 ingår)SamiNalen
Sa 27 NovSvärdsjö spelmanslag + SaxdalingarnaGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
Sa 27 NovLöpsjötorparn'sTuna GilleVtuna Rosendalskolan
Sa 27 NovCleo o GrabbarnaMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 28 NovMogen dans, K E SandbergSamiNalen
Su 28 NovEnklare Dans, tango, polska (Olle)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 28 NovHedezHallunda FHHallunda FH
Su 28 NovWestlings Spelmän + LöpsjötorparnsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 28 Nov Leif Kronlunds (kurs 17:00)SamiNalen
Tu 30 NovCavalkadHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 30 NovKonsert och dansSkärholmens dragsp.klJakobsb.gård,Bredäng
We 01 DecDalaföreningens spelmanslagEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 01 DecGnesta spelmanslagGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 01 DecJazzin' Topsys (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 02 DecEllika Frisell spelar och berättarPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 03 DecBallroom Big Band, Good TimersSamiNalen
Fr 03 DecBas, Fiol och Drag (träningsdans)GDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 03 DecJulfest. Separat anmälanMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 03 DecBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 03 DecMats Bergl.,Fredrik Lundb. (workshop 19)DanshusetWestmanska krogen
Fr 03 DecBrasklapparna m Hasse SvedbergSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 03 DecPeriklesMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 04 DecBoda spelmanslag, Orsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 04 DecJärvsö spelmanslag, Stockholms spelmanslStockholms SpelmanslagMusikmuseet
Sa 04 DecJejjesBro GDVFinnstasalen, Bro
Sa 04 DecSchyttsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 05 DecTango, polka, polska (Arne)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 05 DecLöpsjötorparnGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 05 DecBrodwayClassics/Musikhögskolan Fri entréSamiNalen
Tu 07 DecMicke AhlgrensHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 08 DecOlavis TrioEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 08 DecLeif-BillyzGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 08 DecKustbandet (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 09 DecHasse Svedberg. MotionsdansSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 09 DecLuciaPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 10 DecÖrjan B, Odd S, Liv G. Brekken/RörosFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Sa 11 DecFolkmusikinstitutet spelar. Fri éntreKMHFolkMusikhögskolan
Sa 11 DecSpel- och danskvällUppsala Folkmusikfören.Uppsala Wald.skola
Sa 11 DecKomp i SlagetÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus***
Sa 11 DecSkarvarnaGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 11 DecFriska FläktarLidingö DansgilleLidingö Källängsskol
Sa 11 DecDriftersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 12 DecJonnysGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 12 DecNick BorgensHallunda FHHallunda FH
Su 12 DecSlagsta Gille+Juniors. LuciafestMälarsalenMälarsalen***
Su 12 DecVals, Gammalpolska FöllingeFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 14 DecNordbergsHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 15 DecHuddinge Dragspelsklubb (-22:30, middag)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
Fr 17 DecDateMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 18 DecSvart Kaffe, Jennie LöbelOmåttlig dansMusikmuseet***
Sa 18 DecMats BergmansMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 19 DecSchottis, polska (Arne)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola*
Su 26 DecMac OlssonTuna GilleVtuna Rosendalskolan
Su 26 DecAnnandagsbal (medlemmar m familj)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 26 DecMicke AhlgrensMälarsalenMälarsalen
Mo 27 Deca href=d2000.htmDans2000Stockholm 2000Danstält Skeppsbron
Mo 27 DecMusic Man. Fortsätter på Sjösidan 22:00Stockholm 2000Danstält Skeppsbron
Tu 28 Deca href=d2000.htmDans2000Stockholm 2000Danstält Skeppsbron
Tu 28 DecMusic Man. Fortsätter på Sjösidan 22:00Stockholm 2000Danstält Skeppsbron*
We 29 Deca href=d2000.htmDans2000Stockholm 2000Danstält Skeppsbron
We 29 DecÖppen polskegata (12-13, 14.15-15.15)FolkmusikhusetStora Nygatan
We 29 DecMusic Man. Fortsätter på Sjösidan 22:00Stockholm 2000Danstält Skeppsbron
We 29 DecTonixMälarsalenMälarsalen
Th 30 Deca href=d2000.htmDans2000Stockholm 2000Danstält Skeppsbron
Th 30 DecÖppen polskegata (12-13, 14.15-15.15)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Th 30 DecMusic Man. Fortsätter på Sjösidan 22:00Stockholm 2000Danstält Skeppsbron
Th 30 DecLeif-BillyzÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus*****
Fr 31 DecNyårsfestMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 31 DecWahlen o Segeblad. Supé. Föranmälan oblGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Fr 31 DecDanspalatset 2000-Kulturhuset*****