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Dances year 2002


Jan 6, 2002

Folkmusikhuset, with the nickname Skeppis, probably is the no 1 place for many from Stockholm who are interested in folk music and dance. Probably there is also a number of visitors that have taken their first dance steps on it's boards.

It was rather long since we last visited Skeppis. When we arrived I was immediately asked to participate in the polske emergency room as a help dancer, which I of course willingly did.

I think this is a good snapshot of Skeppis, that builds on voluntariness and enthusiasm from it's members.

Later on, at the dance in the main dance room, I appreciated that there was more space for dance, as compared with some previous visits. Probably this was caused by the New Year's Eve holidays.

In the polske emergency room Interested dancers in the polske emergency room Skeppis January 6, 2002 - loved place for many dancers Dance at Skeppis 2002

Wermdö Durspelare at Hemmesta

Jan 18, 2002

When we left the bus at Hemmesta Bygdegård we could sadly notice that the snow that we for two weekends had been enjoying now was almost completely gone. Fortunately we did not have to walk long to get something else to enjoy, namely a dance to Wermdö Durspelare.

The dancing floor was as on previous dances a little rough in the beginning, until it was cured with some coffee and, later, dance wax. Time runs fast when life is fun, and there was soon time for the coffee break.

This evening contained an appreciated extra performance in the pause - song and music. Conny was playing, I did unfortunately not catch the name of the singer. The song was mixed with singsong and co-operation from the audience.

As usually at these evenings the evening also contained a Finnish family schottishe, a dance we appreciate.

Dance to Wermdö Durspelare at Hemmesta 2002 Entertainment with song in the pause Dance with Wermdö Durspelare at Hemmesta Bygdegård 2002

Mid Winter Folk Music Festival at Kallhäll

Jan 19, 2002

We were surprised at the entrance. It had moved to the back of the building. The reason was that the previous dancing room now was a wardrobe. It is understandable that it is needed because the whole room was filled with clothes from many visitors.

The dance had moved to the third floor, and later also on the second. The dancing room on the third floor had a waist between two rooms. The floor surface was a plastic carpet, that gave a dumb and harsh feeling. There was hardly no place to sit in that room.

When the orchestra stood in one of the end of the room it worked reasonably well. But when for example Nyckelharpsorkestern stood in the waist there was not much room left for the dancers.

We otherwise like Nyckelharpsorkestern. When they asked for wishes from the audience, the only wish they got was from two young girls that asked for an extra polka. It was inspiring to feel that also the young generation could feel the same inspiration as we for the gammaldans music.

At the second floor coffee was served. Behind the serving area there was a rather large room with space for both musicians, chairs and some dancers. This room had however a floor with a similar feeling as at the third floor.

We danced as much in booth rooms. Because it was more space at the second floor, that gave the best dancing experience. We did however miss the softer and more slippery feeling from the floor that now was used as a wardrobe.

Dance at the mid winter dance event in Kallhäll January 19, 2002 Dance at the mid winter dancing event in Kallhäll February 19, 2002

Pub Knapsu at Stallet

Feb 1, 2002

Stallet had announced an event named Pub Knapsu, with entertainment and dance containing tango and humppa. As a precaution we had purchased entrance tickets in advance, which we encountered was needed when we arrived. There were no tickets left to buy at the entrance.

Pub Knapsu is an arrangement from Pajala, located in the northern Sweden, that this evening had moved to Stockholm and Stallet.

Knapsu is a dialectic word from Pajala, a word with negative meaning in Pajala, meaning men involved in activities that are not masculine.

We arrived in time for the dance instructions, which contained finish tango and humppa with very nice dance music, by musicians that we would see more of later.

After the instructions there were two rather lengthy scene shows. The first one started with singsong, and then continued with song, causeries and stories. The second show contained music and poetry.

It was after midnight when the dance started, with ring dance to humppa music. After that there was about one half our of dance, with gammaldans, tango and humppa.

Pub Knapsu at Stallet 2002 Singsong at Pub Knapsu

Winter Folk Music Festival at Gnesta

Feb 2, 2002

After one hour's travel with the local train we arrived to Gnesta just before 6.30 p.m.. The dance was then already ongoing, so we did just throw us out into the dancing whirls.

The musicians where alternating twice per hour all the time until we left the dance at 10.30 p.m..

The dance was mainly gammaldans, but mixed with polskor and one or two engelskor.

The most played polska was probably hamburgska, but also polskor from Dalarna and slängpolskor were played quite frequently.

The coffee bar, that is located in the dancing room a few steps above the dancing floor, was open all the time.

It was a very nice dancing evening, with nice a dancing floor and varied dance music.

Winter dance event in Gnesta February 2, 2002

Tango and Quickstep Instruction with Mälparingen

Feb 8, 2002

It was quite some time since we last visited Mälparingen, when we this evening were going there for instructions in tango and quickstep. The latter dance we had so far never come in touch with.

The instruction began with tango of "european" type. Before the coffee break we trained a small combination of progressive side step, a type of left turn and a rock turn.

After the coffee break we had a short rehearsal, and then we started with quickstep. With the limited time available we maintained to train basic steps and the lock step.

After one more repetition of tango the quite nice evening was rounded off with family waltz. We were impressed by how much we had achieved within just two hours of dance.

Quickstep with Mälparingen 2002

Bugg with Solo at Mälarsalen

Feb 15, 2002

For the second time for a week (and a year) we visited a bugg dance event. This time Date should have played, but due to sickness Solo had replaced them.

The bugg evenings are announced as evenings with higher dancing tempo. My impression is however that the pace these evenings is not very high, it is rather the sound pressure in the ear drums that is high.

Personally I often feel that after a while I find bugg music monotonous.

But this evening I must admit that I found the music rather good. Some melodies were played in good jive pace, and the slower melodies in between were definitively danceable as well.

Bugg with Solo at Mälarsalen 2002

Stockholms Spelmanslag at Hägerstensåsen

Feb 16, 2002

Stockholms spelmanslag had this time changed place to Hägerstensåsen, caused by increased hire at Musikmuseet. We do not know if it was caused by the increased travel time or that Magdalena this evening tried to win gold in OS, but when the dance began it was much space on the floor. The situation improved after a while. I am also sure that Magdalena would not have appreciated the glide on the surface, but after sweeping the floor and adding some dance wax the glide was improved.

My impression is that both the dancers and the musicians were unfamiliar with the place, but after a while liked it better. It was quite nice with the open doors at the side towards the coffee room.

In the pauses Marie Axelsson played, very expressive and nice, and it was as fun to listen as to dance to her music.

During the coffee break there was a discussion at my table about the social dancing, and why in some events pairs only dance together while in others they split up and dance with many partners.

This can probably sometimes be a reason for repelling dancers, especially those going to a dance without a dance partner. We discussed if this was more common where polskor are danced, and if so, what the reason could be.

The final impression of the evening was that it was a nice dance evening, that perhaps could be even better if we dancers strain ourselves to invite new partners more often.

Dance with Stockholms Spelmanslags at Hägerstensåsen 2002 Members of Stockholms Spelmanslag at Hägerstensåsen 2002

Groovie Big Band at Medborgarhuset

Mar 8, 2002

This was our first visit to the Ljunglöwska room in Medborgarhuset. The room resembles the dancing place in Alvik. "Nya vänner" (new friends) arranged the dance, and Groovie Big Band were playing. Nya vänner announces it´s dances as suited for "mature youth", which we thought should be appropriate for us.

We did expect foxtrot, which also was included. But the evening contained bigger challenges, with Lindy Hop, cha cha cha, samba, tango, rock´n roll, modern waltz and - in a neck breaking tempo - gammaldans.

Dance arranged by Nya Vänner with Groovie Big Band playing. Ljunglöwska salen March 8, 2002

Rockabilly at Yesterday

Mar 16, 2002

For the first time in many years - since the last dance with polskor at Yesterday - we again visited this very nice dancing palace close to Brottby. Arlanda Street Cruisers arranged Rockabilly with Hayden Thompson from USA, Jonny & The Roccos from England, Swedish Sonny Rogers & The Kingpins and Orville Nash with Wreckless.

The dance was announced to start at eight o'clock. When we arrived we were almost alone, and the orchestras were working with sound tests. We noticed however from the beginning that the style on the visitors was different compared with the dances we normally visit. Visitors did often wear skin jackets or skin waistcoats and a bear pot in their hand.

Just after nine o'clock one of the orchestras started playing. It was by then still plenty of room on the dance floor. It was rather cold, and as we had already waited for one hour, we started immediately dancing. A gang, mainly men, participated however without hesitation, with a dance that had some similarities with twist and that expressed booth sense and style.

As the dance went on more and more people participated. When we left at mid night it was still a queue of new visitors at the entrance.

The music was great rock music with rapid pace. Music with slower pace was rare, and even then not very slow. We danced mostly jive and jitterbug, and in this tempo our heartbeats were at the speed of a sewing machine at full speed. Other visitors were quite relaxed, some danced couple dances, other danced solo dance as we had seen at the beginning of the evening.

A girl commented our dance and told us we should go to the Rockabilly parties arranged in summer. She recommended www.envikenrecords.com and the dance event at Ökna. But, she added after giving it a thought, I had to do something to my clothing. When I asked in what way, she told me I could have a look at the pal standing behind me. He wore a skin jacket with a chain hanging from his pocket, jeans where the excess part of the legs of the trousers was folded back up towards his knees, and very pointed shoes. Further more, she added, I should do something to my hair. And, by the way, get a nice car...

The high pace in the dance, combined with the smoky environment, made us feel satisfied at mid night. Most likely the dance did proceed several hours after we left.

Rockabilly party at Yesterday March 16, 2002 After a while the floor is beginning to fill up Hayden Thompson are playing. It is around midnight, still new visitors are arriving

Boda Spelmanslag in Bagarmossen

Apr 20, 2002

Stockholmia's dances once per season is eagerly awaited by many of us dancers. At the spring event many dancers visited, aiming for dance to Boda Spelmanslag. Both the mood and the temperature became quickly high.

About one half of the dances were bodapolskor, and the other half was a mixture of bingsjöpolskor and gammaldans. The night was rounded up with ring dance from Sollerön.

Boda Spelmanslag at Stockholmias dance in Bagarmossen April 20, 2002 Dance to Boda Spelmanslag at Bagarmossen 2002 Coffee break (Fika)


Apr 28, 2002

At the last gammaldans event for the season at Mälarsalen, Slagsta Gilles spelmanslag were playing gammaldans, and Gamla Polare with Ludgo-Pelle were playing three modern and one gammaldans. Both these orchestras were very nice to dance to.

It was announced that from this autumn the mixture would once again be gammaldans alternating with two modern and two gammaldans.

At the same time it was announced that Mälarsalen this autumn will celebrate their 30 years jubilee in late November.

While editing the video I watched many smiles, something that unfortunately is lost when the video is compressed for Internet usage.

It is very obvious for me that there are plenty that have had a lot of fun on Mälarsalen during these 30 years.

Slagsta Gille at Mälarsalen April 28, 2002

Walpurgis eve at Skansen

Apr 30, 2002

Walpurgis eve 2002 was crystal clear and cool. The first outdoors dance event of the season allured us to visit Skansen, with Looking Back Band on the scene and with a varied audience. Looking Back Band are looking backwards about 40 years, or in other words are playing music from the 60's.

As in the previous year, the dance floor was initially almost empty. But it took not long before it was filled up.

The public contained a mixture of young and elder, with different steps and styles but sharing the joy of dance.

A nice memory was that when I was filming at the scene, Ellika was invited to dance by a young girl. She explained that they were three girls visiting, and wondered if Ellika would like to dance together with them. As the previous year, the different ages and styles made this to a very nice and memorable event.

Walpurgis dance at Skansen year 2002 with Looking Back Band Good feeling for dance and advanced variants already despite age

Stockholm 750 years jubilee in Blå Hallen

Jun 1, 2002

When it now is time to report from the celebration of Stockholm 750 years, with the dance party at the City Hall, it might be a convenient time and place for looking backwards. Unfortunately my own dancing horizon only goes about 25 years back in time. But 25 years is for most of us a respectable time as well. When looking back some events are always shining strong whilst other are falling back in memory.

Among my earliest memories are of course the dances on my first night dancing floor, which was at Folkets Hus in Sundbyberg on Fridays. These dances always used a schedule with 2 gammaldans and one modern as was common in GDV at that time, but with a local accent as the mazurka always contained three melodies - 1 common and 2 skånsk.

Among my earliest memories are also the dances at Björknäspaviljongen, where for example musicians like Johnny Soling, skilled Norwegian melodeon players and some at that time slim boys under the name of JP Nyströms were playing. I still remember the shock I felt when passing with the bus towards Värmdö an evening and seeing the smoke from the fire, that so sudden prevented a fight that I and probably many with me would like to take to preserve the building. There were by then communal plans for tearing this cultural building and replace it with apartments, and now the fire did the job.

Among my earliest dancing memories are of course also Skansen, where I and many with me spent five days a week during the summer months. During these evenings the dance contained mainly gammaldans, but with some tango on Wednesdays and some polskor other nights. Mälarsalen took for a period over the dances from Björknäspaviljongen, and on another place at this site there is an example of the excellent possibilities for dance that were available at that time. Some examples I can mention are the dances on Wednesdays, the dances on Fridays with for example Ransäterspöjkera, and my greatest favourites from that time - Orsa spelmanslag.

Orsa spelmanslag we also met later, with many wonderful dances in Orsa Hembygdsgård. But also the dances with Örjansringen in Alvik have left many nice memories in mind.

There are also many memories that are more random and unique. For example I remember a midsummer when we sailed in the archipelago and thought that it would be nice to dance on the midsummer evening. It was then we realised that looking for dance events on the old dance places is similar to looking for graves from ancestors from long ago. They are possible to find, but they seem to be relicts from a passed era. Possibly new music tastes with disco music and disco dance has created a feeling that a transistor radio and a nice smooth cliff by the sea is all that is needed. Sadly, it seems to be a fact that most old dancing places in the archipelago now are overgrown and belongs to history.

At another sailing trip towards Gryt, also at midsummer time, we noticed in Arkösund an announcement for dance in the neighbourhoods of Slätbaken a week later. We planned our return so we would be able to visit the dance. The place for the event was located some distance from the coast, and the sea map is not always the best aid for navigating on land. With young optimism we started off through the forest, with a compass in our hands and dancing shoes in the rucksack. After a while we reached a small road and a very rural environment, with birds as our only companions. After about one hour we reached a house, and were able to find a human. And yes, there was dance, but we had to head out into the forest some more kilometres along a small road. After some walking very alone in the deep forest we got a feeling that this was 'mission impossible'. Suddenly we could however hear music, and a small path between the spruces appeared and lead us to the dance.

The dancing floor was nice and slippery, and the dance was very nice. The retreat we started at midnight. The sun could already be distinguished when we through the fog veils could discern a young boy and a girl that were walking towards us over the field. The boy was wearing a wine bottle in his hand, and our meeting felt almost bizarre. A small hesitation in the step, a smile and a greeting was the only thing that what we exchanged in our meeting. I have afterwards been wondering what they might have thought about us, complete strangers and walking in the night out in nowhere.

On the other hand, we should have thought about that ourselves. With juvenile optimism we had started without much thoughts about the retreat. But we still had the compass, and when we could see our sailing boat at the cliff in the early morning sun, we felt just as comfortable as is possible after an enjoyable dancing night.

Another uncommon but very enjoyable dance that we remember with great pleasure is the dance to Norrlåtar at the Historical Museum in Stockholm.

I realise I tempt the patience of the readers, and will try to focus on the subject.

Dance party at the Blue Hall with Leif Kronlunds orchestra. Stockholm 750 years´ jubilee

In connection with the EU Culture Capital Year in Stockholm occurred one more of these memorable dances, this time on the New Year's Eve in Kulturhuset. That evening offered everything that a dancer could wish for - Lindy Hop, polskor, gammaldans, salsa, samba, wiener waltz, tango, bugg, foxtrot... We had that night decided to try all the dancing floors available (and there were plenty!). I remember when we were working on using our previous skills for couple dances on the techno dancing floor, we could feel that we got a small but very surprised audience

At last we are now back to the Stockholm 750 years jubilee. I admit that Leif Kronlunds is an orchestra we have seen before, but I have not danced in the Blue Hall before, and on the next Stockholm jubilee we are probably not too interested any more. So without hesitation we took this opportunity for a unique dancing event, and this to a very affordable price.

The summer evening was very pleasant, but with a few clouds. We saw something we first thought was the public watching an event on the water, but we found out that it was the queue for the dance. While waiting for our turn, we could watch two very beautiful rainbows.

The evening started with a historic dressing show arranged by Skansen's dressing chamber, including some dance show. In the show clothing from the previous century as well as dresses used by parking guards and the bicycling messengers were shown. Probably this was the first time in history that a parking guard got a warm and enthusiastic applaud from a numerous Stockholm public.

The dance then began with music from Leif Kronlunds. We have danced several times to this orchestra before, but this evening was a very positive surprise. We enjoyed both wild rock music, classic ever greens and jazz. It was a very special feeling to dance in this mighty hall, with it's fantastic height and towers rising far above. The only thing I missed during the evening was a wiener waltz, it was something that I would have felt as perfect there and then.

During the night it was then alternating dance in the Blue Hall and Latin dance in the Golden Hall. We did only listen to the Latin dances from distance while cooling and resting a little.

During the second pass Jan Malmsjö and Pernilla Wahlgren were singing. Jan's voice is still going strong, and he sang many of his nice songs. But we found it a little difficult to dance to them. Pernilla did also sing many nice melodies, among others "Under the Rainbow" , which we found very suitable. But when she sang Mackie Kniven we had to face the fact that a tap variant of Shim Sham that we once almost had been able to execute to this melody now was lost. During this part of the dance it was tight on the dance floor, about one third of the dancing floor was then occupied by listening audience.

When we later walked down the stairs from the Golden Hall Ellika recalled that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers always dance in similar stairs in their films. I have always been aware that a dancing couple that handy jumps over sofas and up on chairs and tables while dancing are better suited for dancing in stairs than me. When now trying I prioritised survival, but suppose that with some benevolence I can say that we have danced a few steps on the stairs above the Blue Hall.

The last hour with Leif Kronlunds was excellent, and when they finished their part of the dance with "Moonlight Serenade" and "In the Mood", it was just perfect.

The dance continued for about one hour with samba, but we felt very satisfied with the evening and preferred to walk towards our home in the beautiful summer night.

To not disturb the dance, only the small web camera was brought. It's eye is plain, this is what it registered.

The queue at the entrance to the dance at Stockholms 750 years´ jubilee Dressing show in Stadshuset with dresses from Skansen´s dressing room Dance party in the  Blue Hall in the City Hall at the Stockholm 750 year´s jubilee The Blue Hall in the City Hall at Stockholm 750 years jubilee

Pictures from some of the summer dances


May 21, 2002

Hågelby May 21, 2002 Pariserpolka at Hågelby May 21, 2002 Bugg and foxtrot at Hågelby 02-05-21 with Mats Bergmans playing


Jun 2, 2002

Stockholmspolskan on the slope from the Castle June 6, 2002

Erik Sahlströms Folk Music Festival

Jul 21, 2002

Trollrike Spelmän at Erik Sahlströms Spelmansstämma at Ottarsborg 2002 Ottarsborg in the northern Uppland has a delightful dancing floor, protected against rain but open towards the surroundings Musician´s joy the folk music festival at Ottarsborg July 21, 2002


Aug 14, 2002

Polskor at Bollnästorget 2002 Polske acute in the barn at Skansen A warm and dark August night with dance at Skansen

South American means Schottishe

Aug 16, 2002

... or Full speed with Benny Andersson's Orchestra (BAO)

Thank you, Benny!

In summer 2001 Benny Andersson's orchestra were playing at Galejan. We did not visit then, because the event was announced as a concert. Afterwards we were told that it had been a dance as well, and that it had been crowded but fun.

This year the event was once again announced, but this time as a dance. At the same time a separate entrance fee of 195:-. was introduced. We once again wondered if this single event was worth as much as a half season of dance on Skansen. The main reason for our hesitation was also this time if it really would be possible to dance, or if the dance floor would be occupied by a non dancing audience. We decide however to visit the event, and bought the tickets in advance.

This proved to be a fortunate decision, we were told that the day before the event all 2500 tickets had been sold. When standing in the queue we heard other visitors talking about the incredible enthusiasm and joy that they had experienced at this event the previous year.

And then the dance started. As we anticipated, a big part of the dance floor was immediately occupied by listeners, but there was still some room left for dancers. The second melody was a waltz, and to our great pleasure then most of the the listeners began to dance. During the rest of the evening, the area close to the scene was occupied by a tightly packed listening audience in perhaps four or five rows, while every inch of the remaining part of the dance floor was filled with dancers. And moreover, outside the dance floor there was a vast audience standing and sitting listening.

This dance is difficult to compare with anything I have encountered previously. It was crowded and the enthusiasm was enormous. Ok, often we were helplessly pushed back and forwards, but mostly it was possible to dance if done with care and utilizing all skills and any space no matter how small.

The music contained gammaldans, some polskor and some modern music. The sound volume was high, almost too high. But at least my ears registered the highest decibel level in the applause from the audience after the melodies. I could not help being astonished. No matter if the melody was something modern, Frykdals-schottis, The Dream about Elin or a mazurka, the dancing floor was as packed, the enthusiasm was as great and the applause as loud.

The only time where there was a little more space on the floor was when polskor were played, which fortunately made it great to dance them as well. The last melody before the pause was the first one during the evening I was not that fond of. When I told Ellika this she just smiled, she told me that that was the well known Abba melody "Ring-ring"...

The enthusiasm did last all evening, all through to the second extra melody. Possibly I however missed some spontaneity. Any one of the musicians - in total 13 + 2 singers - would probably have made an evening on their own, and I do strongly feel that many of them have more talents than were demonstrated during the evening. When Orsa spelmanslag - where some of these musicians earlier were active - tried to find an extra number many years ago, they then started to jam, which became a memory for life. This evening we could not feel that there was much unplanned music, besides that Perra occasionally neglected the programme and added an extra polka.

When leaving Skansen after the dance, the environment was also unfamiliar. It was more like leaving a football match. The public was lined up into long queues. I snapped a few comments from some, one expressing that this type of music was ´so fresh and expressed incredible joy', another that they would try to go this autumn to the dancing course they so long had talked about.

In other words - this was a superb evening!

Full speed with Benny Andersons Orchestra at Galejan Almost as crowded outside as at the dance floor Dance to BAO at Galejan. Tight for dance, tight for photographing

Zethzons at Årstaliden

Aug 22, 2002

For the second time we visited ÅrstaBlicks dance at Årstaliden. The weather was marvellous, as it had been all August this year.

Årstalidens outdoor dancing place is beautifully located, and we once again felt how well arranged everything was. Årstablick have now also built a skeleton above the dance floor allowing for protection of the dance floor and the dancers in bad weather.

The dancing audience was just over 200, and everyone appeared to get on with dancing to Zethzons (formerly Kvartersgänget).

When the mild and soft August darkness wrapped up around us dancers, a warm and pleasant lighting was turned on.

Dance with Årstablick and Zethzons at Årstaliden August 22, 2002 In the splendid summer evening  the atmosphere is very pleasant Twilight in August at Årstaliden

Westlings at Rotebro Dansträff

Oct 5, 2002

It is a pleasure to write about the dance that Sollentuna GDF arranged with Westlings spelmän in Rotebro. Outdoors it was very cold, with heavy winds from north east, but once indoors we got a warming welcome and enjoyed the evening from the first minute. Westlings were just as good as they always are, and the dancing floor was perfect. During the dance I felt as if my soles were caressed by the floor.

In the pause we got coffee with home made cakes - this was included in the very low price for the evening.

When the dance ended at eleven the dancers seemed still to be very alert and the orchestra got a very warm and long applause.


Oct 6, 2002

As we had no other activities planned this afternoon, we used the opportunity to visit Skeppis. We started with the tango workshop, which we find useful for keeping our tango knowledge. After a short coffee break we then participated in the dance instructions.

Then followed a very enjoyable hour of dance, with Saltsjöbygdens spelmän and afterwards with two accordion musicians who played some tango and foxtrot as well. We found the foxtrot well suited for practising swing.

Örjansringen 30 years in Alvik

Nov 11, 2002

Örjansringen celebrated their 30 years jubilee with dances in Alvik with a dance with Westlings spelmän playing.

Besides dancing one could also look back through the 30 years by visiting a nostalgic room, with placards with all the dances during the past years, and video shows from many of the dances.

On this special day coffee and cake was given away free of charge.

The dance was as enjoyable as usually, with nice smooth dancing floor, excellent music and danslekar in the pause.

We thank Örjansringen with our heart for all joy of dance we have experienced during the past years, and hope for many more years to come.

30 years with Örjansringen´s dances in Alvik Westlings spelmän in action Coffe and cake Some of the dance programs from the past years Dance is over. Queue in the wardrobe

Mälarsalen 30 years jubilee

Nov 24, 2002

Mälarsalen celebrated their 30 years jubilee with three dance evenings. On Sunday it was a dance with Dalapolisens spelmän and Liljedahls with Ludgo-Pelle. The audience was asked how many that were present on the first dance 30 years ago. Several hands could be seen lifted. Ludgo-Pelle could also have lifted his hand, as he played at the first dance.

Since then many dancing shoes have been worn out, many couples have met and many enjoyable hours have been spent at Mälarsalen. This jubilee was another of these nice memories, a dance with a party feeling and plenty of good music. After more than five hours of dance our legs that should carry us home almost refused to do their duty.

Dance to Dalapolisens Spelmän at the Mälarsalen 30 years jubilee Mälarsalen´s 30 years jubilee November 24, 2002 (video) Initiator for dance at Mälarsalen, and still active

Dance with turns at Midsommargården

Dec 7, 2002

Bas, Fiol & Drag arranged For the second time a dance at Midsommargården. The program for the evening was very varied, with activities that relieved each other twice per hour.

Bas, Fiol & Drag themselves were of course playing gammaldans. Modern dance was played twice, with foxtrot, swing, tango and some Latin American dances.

There were also a couple of sets with gillesdans, engelska etc., and also twice danslekar.

The evening was very varied and nice, and finished off with a fairy-tale in soft light and ring dance from Sollerön in the dark. We hope that this arrangement will reappear in coming years.

Bas, Fiol & Drag are playing to dance at Midsommargården

A Night on the Tiles (Nattsudd) at Nalen

Dec 28, 2002

Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers were playing rockabilly and rock'n roll music in the 50's style. As always at these events the dance was mixed with some talking, old film sequences and dance to recorded music.

Svante Grundberg provided the talk and the selection of recorded music and film, the audience was mostly dancing. In the 50's, the dancers must have been extremely fit, as Wildfire Willies music was very wild and inspiring.

There were however also some melodies with slower rhythm, mostly well suited for slow Lindy Hop dancing. There was also a show during the evening with Crazy Legs, giving some chance to rest.

This was our first visit to the Nattsudd dance events. It increased our appetite for this arrangement, that was firstly introduced as a TV program late Saturday evenings some years ago.

"Nattsudd" with show by Crazy Legs at Nalen December 28, 2002 Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers playing with wild pace Nattsudd with dance at Nalen December 28, 2002 (video)

Leif-Billyz at Alvik

Dec 30, 2002

Traditionally Örjansringen arrange a dance in Alvik in the evening before new year's eve. As the previous years, Leif-Billyz played gammaldans with a few polskor. In the pause there were as usually danslekar and one folk dance.

The dance was very enjoyable, with good music, a nice dancing floor and many visitors eager to dance and have fun.

rjansringens dance with Leif-Billyz playing in Alvik December 30, 2012

Dances visited 2002

Fr 04 JanBengt HedinsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 04 JanBoogartsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 05 JanSpelmansstämma 12-17Bygdedansens vännerBrygghuset
Sa 05 JanSpel o danskvällVarma FötterYtterjärna VitaHuset
Sa 05 JanShow- och Danskväll. Förköp obl.Sw. Swing SocietyUniversitetet Allhus
Sa 05 JanWgd Trettondagsdans. Föranmwgd/wdgWärmdö Bygdegård
Sa 05 JanVästerås SpelmansgilleV-ås FolkdansgilleV-ås, Malmabergs sh
Sa 05 JanMartinezMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 05 JanTowe WiderbergsYesterdayYesterday
Su 06 JanTango, hambopolkett, polska fr AlftaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola****
Su 06 JanJonnysGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 06 JanCavalkadSödertälje Kultur o FritSödertälje Trombon
Tu 08 JanJunixHallunda FHHallunda FH
Th 10 JanMärsta DragspelsgilleSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 10 JanBondpolska fr Viksta (Ingemar S)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 11 JanLagges trioNya vännerMedborgarhuset
Fr 11 JanGideonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Sa 12 JanKompislaget o Edsbacka SpelmänEdsbacka SpelmänSollentuna Bibliotek
Sa 12 JanNilsAndersGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan***
Sa 12 JanMicke AhlgrensMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 12 JanLeif HermanssonsSnowballMedborgarhuset
Sa 12 JanI Afton Dans till ZlipsYesterdayYesterday
Su 13 JanKvaddans, Snoa, Föllinge/Norsk LeitenFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 13 JanWahlströmsSödertälje Kultur o FritSödertälje Trombon
Su 13 JanKindbergsYesterdayYesterday
Tu 15 JanGideonsHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 16 JanBörjes SpelgängEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 16 JanNyckelknippan (kurskväll)Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
Th 17 JanDanskväll Uppland (Kristoffer)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 18 JanMac OlssonsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 18 JanWermdö DurspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård****
Fr 18 JanLeif HermanssonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 18 JanBhonusMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 18 JanSchyttsYesterdayYesterday
Sa 19 JanVinterstämma (60:-)Ulvsättra BgfKallhälls FH***
Sa 19 JanSpel o danskvällVarma FötterYtterjärna VitaHuset
Sa 19 JanTrollrike spelmän (100:-)Bygdedansens vännerAlvik medborgarhus
Sa 19 JanCurt HaagersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 20 JanDans för yngre, Schottis, BingsjöpolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 20 JanCavalkadGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 20 JanTonixHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 22 JanKjell-ChristersHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 23 JanDalaföreningens SpelmanslagEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 23 JanHärs och Tvärs + VättesGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
Th 24 JanBro LåtgilleSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena****
Th 24 JanPolska från Bingsjö (Magnus)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 25 JanJunixNya vännerMedborgarhuset
Fr 25 JanKollijoxGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 25 JanDansteknik (Ulla o Lennart)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 25 JanPlan3 (konsert o dans)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 25 JanDingtunaFKC AlvikVästbergasalen*
Fr 25 JanSound ExpressYesterdayYesterday
Sa 26 JanDurspelsgruppen 57:anÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus***
Sa 26 JanStreaplersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 27 JanSånglekar, Tango, BodapolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 27 JanWestlings Spelmän, JonnysMälarsalenMälarsalen****
Su 27 JanKellysSödertälje Kultur o FritSödertälje Trombon
Su 27 JanRoynesFyrisgilletUppsala Grand
Su 27 JanMicke AhlgrensYesterdayYesterday
Tu 29 JanJontezHallunda FHHallunda FH**
We 30 JanOlavis TrioEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 30 JanBrodins kapellGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 30 JanSäsongs-start. DJ: MohanJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 31 JanSigtuna SpelmänSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 31 JanDanskväll med Ellika FrisellPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 01 FebDanshus och Pub KnapsuStallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7*
Fr 01 FebBas, Fiol och DragGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 01 FebHambopolska s. Dalarna, Nåsföra (BrittM)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 01 FebSamzonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 01 FebSoloMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 01 FebMats BergmansYesterdayYesterday
Sa 02 FebGnesta-stämman. Dans 17-23Sörmlands SpelmansförbunGnesta Elektron*****
Sa 02 FebOrsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 02 FebErik FridsGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 02 FebMaltesTäby GammeldansareTäby c, Fören.gården
Sa 02 FebSwingkväll. Irländskt temaSw. Swing SocietyAkalla By
Sa 02 FebNick BorgenMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 03 FebTangostuga, Hambo, Polska fr RätanFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 03 FebBengt HedinsGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 03 FebDriftersHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 05 FebCavalkadHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 06 FebNacka LåtkvintettEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 06 FebHjulåkers SpelmänGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 06 FebOden Big BandJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 07 FebDet började i VärmlandPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 08 FebLagges TrioNya vännerMedborgarhuset
Fr 08 FebQuickstep o tango (Inger o Tommy)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH****
Fr 08 FebLöpsjötorparnsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 08 FebSören Johansson (Dorotea)Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Fr 08 FebHolensFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 08 FebExpandersYesterdayYesterday
Sa 09 FebVinterstämma. Dans fr 18Slagsta GilleHallunda FH****
Sa 09 FebBer. shipibofolket. Hasse Svedbergs 20InincateBro Härneviskolan
Sa 09 FebSpel o danskvällVarma FötterRönneb bygdeg Järna
Sa 09 FebKlezmer med Deborah Strauss o JeffDanshusetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 09 FebFernandozMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 10 FebValentindansen. Nivå M, Plus, A1Ocean WavesNalen
Su 10 FebMicke AhlgrensSödertälje Kultur o FritSödertälje Trombon
Su 10 FebStigvals, Föllinge (åtabak)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 10 FebNick BorgensYesterdayYesterday
Mo 11 FebJazzfest för barnen i Afghanistan-Nalen
Tu 12 FebThor-GöransHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 13 FebStråkdragetEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 13 FebAlla välkomna att spela!Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 13 FebHasse Ling o. his synchopators of SwingJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
We 13 FebBuggkväll med ZlipsSamiNalen**
Th 14 FebHasse SvedbergsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 14 FebPolska från Rättvik (Yvonne o Torbjörn)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 15 FebGillets spelmänTälje FolkdansgilleBjörklundsg 4c S-täl
Fr 15 FebTrätaktGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 15 FebFöllingedanser (Yvonne o Torbjörn)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 15 FebNåra. Konsert och dans (140:-)Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Fr 15 FebJontezFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 15 FebDateMälarsalenMälarsalen***
Fr 15 FebTonixYesterdayYesterday
Sa 16 FebSpelmansstämmaSolna KulturskolaSolna Storgatan 32
Sa 16 FebBallroom Big Band, Jumping JacksNalens VännerNalen
Sa 16 FebStockholms spelmanslag, Marie AxelssonStockholms SpelmanslagHägerstensåsens MH***
Sa 16 FebTanzhaz m Barozda (konsert o dans)DanshusetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 16 FebMats BergmansMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 17 FebDans f yngre, kvaddans, snoa, OrsapolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 17 FebMac OlssonsGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 17 FebJi Coo´sHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 19 FebDannysHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 20 FebSvartlösa SpelmänEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 20 FebMalmabygdens B-lagGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 20 FebHoliday in HarlemJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 21 FebSigtuna SpelmänSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 21 FebPolska o bakmes Kall (Margareta o Leif)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 22 FebLöpsjötorparnsNya vännerMedborgarhuset
Fr 22 FebSenpolska o Särna (Margareta o Leif)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 22 FebFaust Konsert o dans. Instr 18:30FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 22 FebWermdö DurspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård
Fr 22 FebJonnysFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 22 FebJannezYesterdayYesterday
Sa 23 FebRospiggarnaSnowballMedborgarhuset
Sa 23 FebWestlings SpelmänÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus*****
Sa 23 FebTorbjörnsGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 23 FebClub la Charango (bolero-afton)Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 23 FebFlamingokvintettenMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 23 FebLeif Kronlunds StorbandSamiNalen
Su 24 FebUr dansens historia. Tango,slängpolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 24 FebWermdö Durspelare, Mac OlssonsMälarsalenMälarsalen***
Su 24 FebDriftersSödertälje Kultur o FritSödertälje Trombon
Su 24 FebMac OhlssonsFyrisgilletUppsala Grand
Su 24 FebSannexYesterdayYesterday
Mo 25 FebDragspelsshow och dans-Nalen
Tu 26 FebMicke AhlgrensHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 26 Feboch Gösta Krantz kvartettSkärholmens dragsp.klSkärholmen Servicehu
We 27 FebHuddinge DragspelsklubbEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 27 FebEva Tjörnebo o Sörmländska LekareGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 27 FebTommy Löbel Swing BandJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 28 FebÅrsmöte med dansPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 01 MarBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 01 MarSkarvarnaSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena***
Fr 01 MarCavalkadFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 01 MarVanillaMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 01 MarCarina JaarneksYesterdayYesterday
Sa 02 MarSpel- och danskväll (instr 19, dans 20)Varma FötterYtterjärna VitaHuset
Sa 02 MarOrsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 02 MarMats BerglundDanshusetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 02 MarMac OhlssonsTäby GammeldansareTäby c, Fören.gården
Sa 02 MarBlack JackMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 03 MarTangostuga. Vals, senpolska fr HaveröFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 03 MarJontezGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 03 MarHedezHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 05 MarKeith ElwinsHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 06 MarRaj RajEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren***
We 06 MarLundgrens LagerGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 06 MarSwing and Beat Big BandJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 07 MarWermdö DurspelareSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 07 MarDanser från Danmark (Karin)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Th 07 MarSolo Cissoko o Ellika Frisell (dans)Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Fr 08 MarGrooview Big BandNya vännerMedborgarhuset***
Fr 08 MarBro LåtgilleGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 08 MarPolska fr Finnskoga (Britt-Marie o Sven)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 08 MarJigesFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 08 MarWahlströmsYesterdayYesterday
Sa 09 MarMaria sp.lag o Adae. 60:- inkl kaffeMaria SpelmanslagKatarina v. Vårdgymn
Sa 09 MarDans BrothersUppsala Folkmusikfören.Uppsala Grand
Sa 09 MarMac Ohlssons 1m 1g före paus, 2m 1g efteLidingö DansgilleLidingö Bodalsskolan
Sa 09 MarKlezmerdanshusDanshusetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 09 MarHedezMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 10 MarKropp o musik,Snoa, hambopolska FöllineFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola****
Su 10 MarMats BergmansSödertälje Kultur o FritSödertälje Trombon
Su 10 MarDriftersYesterdayYesterday
Tu 12 MarNordbergsHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 13 MarBörjes SpelgängEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 13 MarGnesta SpelmänGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 13 MarJambalayaJesses JazzklubbMariahissen**
We 13 MarBuggkväll med BoogartSamiNalen
Th 14 MarSigtuna SpelmänSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 14 MarPolska o bakmes fr Särna o IdrePolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 15 MarKomp-i-slaget och Edsbacka SpelmänEdsbacka SpelmänSollentuna Bibliotek
Fr 15 MarBas, Fiol och DragGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 15 MarMellparing o Gimdalen (Anita o Ulf)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH***
Fr 15 MarJontezFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 15 MarWahlströmsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 15 MarThorleifs. 140:-, ej medlemsrabattYesterdayYesterday
Sa 16 MarVårkonsert. Dans, jam, servering (80:-)KMHFolkMusikhögskolan
Sa 16 MarRockabillyfest. Hayden Thompson mflArlanda Street CruisersYesterday*****
Sa 16 MarLöpsjötorparnsGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 16 MarFolkoFolk Positive Black SoulSelam/RFoDNalen
Sa 16 MarFinskt danshus med SerenadeStallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 16 MarKindbergsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 17 MarLångsam instr. Humppa el engelska, BodaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 17 MarThor-BjörnsGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 17 MarHülphersHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 19 MarMartinezHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 20 MarLeif-BillyzGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 20 MarStolen SweetsJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 21 MarDanskväll med AssmaraPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 22 MarJigesNya vännerMedborgarhuset
Fr 22 MarBondpolska fr Bäck o Storvik (Benno)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 22 MarJonas Brandin, Hady Prett o Erik BergFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 22 MarJontezSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 22 MarWermdö DurspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård***
Fr 22 MarDingtunaFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 22 MarCasanovasYesterdayYesterday
Sa 23 MarSatin Dolls, Peo Jönis m flNalens VännerNalen
Sa 23 MarSpel o danskväll (instr 19, dans 20)Varma FötterYtterjärna VitaHuset
Sa 23 MarStockholms Spelmanslag o Arne ModénStockholms SpelmanslagHägerstensåsens MH****
Sa 23 MarGrekiskt danshus med PireusStallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 23 MarÅrsmötesdans m. KvartersgängetTuna GilleVtuna Rosendalskolan
Sa 23 MarDriftersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 24 MarUr dansens historia, Schottis, BingsjöFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 24 MarTierps Spelmanslag, LöpsjötorparnsMälarsalenMälarsalen***
Su 24 MarFernandozSödertälje Kultur o FritSödertälje Trombon
Su 24 MarSchyttsYesterdayYesterday
Tu 26 MarJontezHallunda FHHallunda FH**
We 27 MarNacka LåtkvintettEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 27 MarJesses Swing WingJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 28 MarHasse SvedbergsÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus*****
Fr 29 MarSamzonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 29 MarTitanixMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 29 MarThor GöransYesterdayYesterday
Sa 30 MarClub La CharangaStallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 30 MarTowe WiderbergsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 31 MarTensta SpelmanslagFyrisgilletUppsala Grand
Su 31 MarCarina JaarneksYesterdayYesterday
Mo 01 AprSigtuna Spelmän + TimmyzGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Mo 01 AprStockholmspolskan, Tango, OrsaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola*
Mo 01 AprKeith ElwinsSödertälje Kultur o FritSödertälje Trombon
Tu 02 AprCavalkadHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 03 AprStråkdragetEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 03 AprDixie Con FusionJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
We 03 AprBuggkväll med Sound ExpressSamiNalen
Th 04 AprCasanovasSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 04 AprPolska från Boda (Ingrid o Kicken)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 05 AprErik FridsNya vännerMedborgarhuset
Fr 05 AprTrätaktGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 05 AprRörospols (Ulla o Lennart)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 05 AprBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 05 AprGideonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 05 AprWahlströmsYesterdayYesterday
Sa 06 AprOrsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 06 AprEllika Frisell o Sven Ahlbäck (instr 19)DanshusetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 06 AprKvartersgängetGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 06 AprRoynesTäby GammeldansareTäby c, Fören.gården
Sa 06 AprGrönwallsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 06 AprAl Minns Cup (tävling fr 17:00)Sw. Swing SocietyNalen
Su 07 AprTangostuga, Hambo, hambo fr HedeFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 07 AprBlack JackYesterdayYesterday
Tu 09 AprBengt HedinsHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 10 AprSvartlösa Spelmän (årsmöte i pausen)Enskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 10 AprJanne Carlbom SwingtettJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 11 AprTelemark i Norge (Olav)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 12 AprDanser fr Sörmland (Mats K)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 12 AprGideonsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 12 AprRåmantik o Iréne Karlbom (konsert, dans)Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Fr 12 AprHolensFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 12 AprJannezMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 12 AprMicke AhlgrensYesterdayYesterday
Sa 13 AprAvesta SpelmanslagUppsala Folkmusikfören.Granebergsparken
Sa 13 AprSpel- och danskvällVarma FötterYtterjärna VitaHuset
Sa 13 AprWestlings SpelmänÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus*****
Sa 13 AprTrollrike spelmän o Stockholms sp.lag-Vendels Bygdegård
Sa 13 AprFolkoFolk (iranskt, egypt, oriental)Selam/RFoDNalen
Sa 13 AprNorskt-svenskt danshusStallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 13 AprSannexMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 14 AprFoxtrot, Schottis, FöllingeFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 14 AprPer NorlingsGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 14 AprChiquitaHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 16 AprMona G´sHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 17 AprRaj RajEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 17 AprJennie L o Swing KingsJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 18 AprHasse SvedbergsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 18 AprPolskor från Mora (Christine o Olof)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 19 AprWahlen o SegebladNya vännerMedborgarhuset
Fr 19 AprKollijoxGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 19 AprGammelvänster m.m. (Eva o Tommy)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 19 AprCosmopoliTango (konsert) o dans(DJ)Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Fr 19 AprJigesFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 19 AprZlipsYesterdayYesterday
Sa 20 AprBoda SpelmanslagStockholmiaBagarmossen FH****
Sa 20 AprJazz'n Joy, Kriminal Tango (konsert 17)Gnesta MusiksällskapGnesta Elektron
Sa 20 AprEstnisk dans- o galakväll, labalajgStallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 20 AprCurt HaagersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 20 AprDanskväll med Royal Big BandSamiNalen
Su 21 AprLångsam instr polska, Polka, MalungFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 21 AprTowe WiderbergsYesterdayYesterday
Su 21 AprSabbath Hela VeckanStallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Tu 23 AprMicke AhlgrensHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 24 AprHasse Ling o his synch of SwingJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 25 AprKollijoxSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 25 AprBoda med Ingrid och KickenPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 26 Aproleman. Konsert o dansFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 26 AprWermdö DurspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård***
Fr 26 AprLeif HermanssonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 26 AprHjältarnaMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 26 AprDriftersYesterdayYesterday
Sa 27 AprSound of Swing, Leif Kronlunds m flNalens VännerNalen
Sa 27 AprSingelträff för 30+ m. NikitasYesterdayYesterday
Sa 27 AprDanskväll slängpolska (50:-/30:- medl)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Sa 27 AprSandvikens spelmanslag, Sth sp-lagStockholms SpelmanslagBagarmossen FH
Sa 27 AprJontezGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 27 AprKellysMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 28 AprKropp o musik, Tango, BingsjöFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 28 AprSlagsta Gille, Gamla Polare m Ludgo-PellMälarsalenMälarsalen****
Su 28 AprWallmans PolskekvartettFyrisgilletUppsala Grand
Tu 30 AprHasse Svedbergs trio (50:-)Skälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Tu 30 AprCasanovasMälarsalenMälarsalen
Tu 30 AprLooking Back BandSkansenSkansen****
We 01 MayDJ: MohanJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Fr 03 MayCedriks med MariaNya vännerMedborgarhuset
Fr 03 MayStödkonsert Radio Africa, lyssna o dansaStallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Fr 03 MayBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 03 MayJontezFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 03 MayBoogartYesterdayYesterday
Sa 04 MayOrsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 04 MayLogdans Ultuna o Vdala splag. Ej kårlegUltuna SpelmanslagUltuna Studentkår
Sa 04 MaySpel o danskvällVarma FötterYtterjärna VitaHuset
Sa 04 MayOlov Johansson (dansinstr 19-20)DanshusetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 04 MayFolkoFolk. Reggae, rebetika, balkanösSelam/RFoDNalen
Sa 04 MayWallénsTäby GammeldansareTäby c, Fören.gården
Sa 04 MayMicke AhlgrensMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 05 MayTangostuga, Vals, ÅmotFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 07 MayClaes LövgrensHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 07 MayKvartersgängetUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
We 08 MayLimehouse Swing OrchestraJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Fr 10 MayJonnysFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 10 MayMats Bergmans. SäsongspremiärIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 10 MayArvingarnaMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 10 MayMartinezYesterdayYesterday
Sa 11 MayDanskväll (kurs Rättvikspolska 16:30)Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgMölnbo Folkets Hus
Sa 11 MaySpotlightMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 12 MayStigvals, Gammelpolska FöllingeFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 14 MaySkarvarnaUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge***
We 15 MayTeamwork Big BandJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Fr 17 MayLöpsjötorparnsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 17 MayTowe WiderbergsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 17 MayBlenderYesterdayYesterday
Sa 18 MaySchyttsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Mo 20 MayGrundpolska, engelska, RättvikFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 21 MayHuddinge Dragspelsklubb. Fri entréHgf&Vändelsö GammeldansgBrandbergen N.Kron.g
Tu 21 MaySäsongstart - Mats BergmansHågelbyHågelby**
Tu 21 MayMac OlssonsUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
We 22 MayAnders Lind o Nya Jazzen AnfallerJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 23 MayKindbergsHågelbyHågelby
Fr 24 MaySannexYesterdayYesterday
Fr 24 MayDingtunaFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 24 MayDriftersIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 24 MayZlipsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 25 May35-års-jubileum Timmyz Föranmäl om matGDV JakobsbergJakobsb. rest Kocken
Sa 25 MayCasanovasNalens VännerNalen
Sa 25 MayEllika Frisell, Mats Edén. Polskekurs 14Varma FötterRönneb bygdeg Järna
Sa 25 MayCavalkadMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 26 MayKajstämma (kurser fr 15)FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 28 MayMartinezHågelbyHågelby
Tu 28 MayNilsAndersUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
We 29 MayKustbandetJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 30 MayCarina JaarneksHågelbyHågelby
Th 30 MayHasse Svedbergs trioSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Th 30 MayWahlén o SegebladÅrstablickÅrstaliden
Fr 31 MaySamzonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 31 MayRussindalens SpelmänIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 01 JunDansfest. Leif Kronlunds Storband m.fl.Stockholm 750 årBlå Hallen*****
Sa 01 JunNalen Dixieland FestivalSamiNalen
Sa 01 JunRussindalens SpelmänStallet Folk&VärldsmusikBlasieholmstorg
Su 02 JunStockholmspolskan-Södra Teatern**
Su 02 JunMunspelsstämman (dans fr ca 16)Farsta KulturkommitteFarsta Gård
Su 02 JunAvalons o Red Hot MaxYesterdayYesterday
Mo 03 JunSabbath hela veckan. Workshop 17-19Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikBlasieholmstorg
Tu 04 JunHasse Elvings OrkesterHgf&Vändelsö GammeldansgBrandbergen N.Kron.g
Tu 04 JunMicke AhlgrensHågelbyHågelby
Tu 04 JunSamzonsUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 04 JunJan Allan m.fl.. (vid regn på Bristol)Sundbybergs jazzklubbTornparken S-berg
Tu 04 JunAfro Manding. Afrikansk workshop 17-19Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikBlasieholmstorg
We 05 JunGolbang. Orientalisk workshop 17-19Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikBlasieholmstorg
Th 06 JunBoogartHågelbyHågelby
Th 06 JunKvartersgängetÅrstablickÅrstaliden
Th 06 JunHoven Droven. Polskeworkshop 17-19Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikBlasieholmstorg*
Fr 07 JunAlsters, Säffle, Frykeruds sp.lag mflMäster OlofsgårdenRansäters hemb.gård
Fr 07 JunSelam African Festival (220:-)Selam/RFoDNalen
Fr 07 JunTango Libre. Arg. tangoworkshop 17-19Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikBlasieholmstorg
Fr 07 JunThorleifsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 08 JunDans fr. 20, Boda-, Småviltlaget, Hedn,Mäster OlofsgårdenRansäters hemb.gård
Sa 08 JunBrakskak. Workshops världsmusikEtnografiska museetEtnografiska museet
Sa 08 JunSommarstämma Slagsta Gille. Dans 18:30HågelbyHågelby
Sa 08 JunRosa Körberg Band-Brandbergen N.Kron.g
Sa 08 JunBrakskak. Dansfest, fri entréEtnografiska museetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 08 JunSelam African Festival (220:-)Selam/RFoDNalen
Sa 08 JunRussindalens Spelmän 19-21:30Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikBlasieholmstorg
Sa 08 JunKvartersgängetTäby GammeldansareTäby c, Fören.gården
Su 09 JunSpelmansstämma. Boda-Bingsjö m.fl.Täby spelmansgilleSkogberga Spelm.gård
Su 09 JunMaria splag, Mariafelorna o AdaeABF Farsta kulturkom.Farsta Gård
Mo 10 JunMotionsdans (fri entré)DanslystnaBrandbergen N.Kron.g
Mo 10 JunSquaredance. Caller Tommy DahlHågelbyHågelby
Tu 11 JunTimmyzHågelbyHågelby
Tu 11 JunJontezUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge***
Tu 11 JunAnnika Risb., Jan Allan. Bristol om regnSundbybergs jazzklubbTornparken S-berg
We 12 JunSquare Dance. I tim nyb, 1 tim avancer-Brandbergen N.Kron.g
We 12 JunAllsång och dans (fri entré)Farsta IOGT/NTOFarsta Gård
We 12 JunWermdö Brisarna?wgd/wdgWärmdö Bygdegård
Th 13 JunNick BorgenHågelbyHågelby
Th 13 JunMr ChristerÅrstablickÅrstaliden
Fr 14 JunNyckelharpsstämman. FörstämmaÖsterby FolkdanslagÖsterbybruks herrg.
Fr 14 JunMartinezIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 15 JunNyckelharpsstämman. Dans fr 18:30Österby FolkdanslagÖsterbybruks herrg.
Mo 17 JunSquaredance. Caller Tommy DahlHågelbyHågelby
Tu 18 JunCavalkadHågelbyHågelby
Tu 18 JunLöpsjötorparnsUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
We 19 JunSquare Dance. I tim nyb, 1 tim avancer-Brandbergen N.Kron.g
We 19 JunBulls Trio. Fri entré-Farsta Gård
Th 20 JunCasanovasHågelbyHågelby
Th 20 JunNovaSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Fr 21 JunHöilands och GrindsätersSkansenSkansen
Fr 21 JunSpel o dans. Medtag fika (Instr 19)Varma FötterYtterjärna VitaHuset
Sa 22 JunHöilands och GrindsätersSkansenSkansen
Su 23 JunLeif-Billyz (gammeldansinstr. 17:30)Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 24 JunMotionsdans. Fri entréDanslystnaBrandbergen N.Kron.g
Mo 24 JunBallroom Big BandSkansenSkansen
Tu 25 JunSquaredance. Robert Milestad-Akalla By
Tu 25 JunThoresHågelbyHågelby
Tu 25 JunMac OlssonsUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 25 JunTimmyzSkansenSkansen
We 26 JunSätrastämman (spontandans)Danderyds hemb.f m.flSätra Prästgård
We 26 JunGideonsAkalla ByAkalla By
We 26 JunFolklår (instr schottis 18:30)FyrisgilletUppsala Disagården
We 26 JunWermdö DurspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård
Th 27 JunBhonusHågelbyHågelby
Th 27 JunMac Olsson 3ÅrstablickÅrstaliden
Th 27 JunSigtuna SpelmänSkansenSkansen****
Fr 28 JunStreaplersIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 29 JunWahlströmsSkansenSkansen
Su 30 JunHandikapp gammaldans-Wärmdö Bygdegård
Su 30 JunÖ-laget (polskeakut 17:30)Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 01 JulMotionsdansDanslystnaBrandbergen N.Kron.g
Mo 01 JulSquaredance. Caller: Jack BorgströmHågelbyHågelby
Mo 01 JulLeif Kronlund med Skansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 02 JulSquaredance m Stefan Sidholm. Fri entré-Akalla By
Tu 02 JulMona G´sHågelbyHågelby
Tu 02 JulSimonsSkansenSkansen
We 03 JulSquaredance. 1 tim nybörj, 1 tim avancer-Brandbergen N.Kron.g
We 03 JulAccordian Swings-Älvsjöbadet
We 03 JulThor-BjörnsAkalla ByAkalla By
We 03 JulOttarsbälgarna (instr hambo 18:30)FyrisgilletUppsala Disagården
Th 04 JulMicke AhlgrensHågelbyHågelby
Th 04 JulMac OlssonsSkansenSkansen
Fr 05 JulRythm Hot show, dans fr 21 George ReedSamiNalen
Fr 05 JulMicke AhlgrensIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 06 JulSound ExpressSkansenSkansen
Su 07 JulSpelstuga 17:30 tåg t kyrkan, sedan dans-Blidö Almviks brygga
Su 07 JulHjulåkers Spelmän (sv. tango inst 17:30)Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 08 JulLeif Kronlund med Skansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 09 JulMickeysHågelbyHågelby
Tu 09 JulDingtunasSkansenSkansen
We 10 JulMac OlssonsAkalla ByAkalla By
We 10 JulSöderfors Brukskapell (instr 18:30)FyrisgilletUppsala Disagården
We 10 JulWermdö Brisarna?wgd/wdgWärmdö Bygdegård
Th 11 JulJannezHågelbyHågelby
Th 11 JulLeif-BillyzSkansenSkansen
Fr 12 JulSchyttsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 13 JulSchyttsSkansenSkansen
Su 14 JulSpelklåda (Gnesta 1700 17:30)Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 15 JulLeif Kronlund med Skansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 16 JulMats BergmansHågelbyHågelby
Tu 16 JulClaes LövgrensSkansenSkansen
We 17 JulCaller Peter Myhr. 1 tim nyb 1 tim avanc-Brandbergen N.Kron.g
We 17 JulRospiggarna-Älvsjöbadet
We 17 JulTimmyzAkalla ByAkalla By
We 17 JulTensta splag. Instr 18:30. Uppv fr PskovFyrisgilletUppsala Disagården
Th 18 JulGrönwallsHågelbyHågelby
Th 18 JulVansbro SpelmanslagSkansenSkansen
Fr 19 JulCavalkadIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 20 JulZlipsSkansenSkansen
Sa 20 JulKelasMöja Kulturella UngdomsrMöja dansbana
Su 21 JulWestlings o Trollrike. Sp.stämma fr 12Vendels HembygdsföreningOttarsborg (Vendel)*****
Su 21 JulBygdens Blandning (Gnesta 1700 17:30)Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 22 JulLeif Kronlund med Skansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 23 JulNils ThoresHågelbyHågelby
Tu 23 JulThor-GöransSkansenSkansen**
We 24 JulDingtunasAkalla ByAkalla By
We 24 JulÅkerbypojkarna (instr 18:30)FyrisgilletUppsala Disagården
Th 25 JulTowe WiderbergsHågelbyHågelby
Th 25 JulLaggesÅrstablickÅrstaliden
Th 25 JulGamla Polare me´ Ludgo-PelleSkansenSkansen****
Fr 26 JulFernandozIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 27 JulCarina JaarneksSkansenSkansen
Su 28 JulMalmabygdens B-lag (Landin Light 17:30)Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 29 JulLeif Kronlund med Skansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 30 JulCavalkadHågelbyHågelby
Tu 30 JulSkarvarnaUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 30 JulLöpsjötorparnsSkansenSkansen**
We 31 JulKarl-Erik Sandbergs-Älvsjöbadet
We 31 JulCavalkadAkalla ByAkalla By
We 31 JulUppdraget. Instr vals 18:30. UppvisningFyrisgilletUppsala Disagården
We 31 JulWermdö Brisarnawgd/wdgWärmdö Bygdegård
Th 01 AugExpandersHågelbyHågelby
Th 01 AugTrosa Lasse o LöpsjötorparenÅrstablickÅrstaliden
Th 01 AugWestlingsSkansenSkansen****
Fr 02 AugKellysIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 03 AugJoyrideSkansenSkansen
Su 04 AugUlf L, Susanne F (Bingsjöpolska 17:30)Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 05 AugMotionsdansDanslystnaBrandbergen N.Kron.g
Mo 05 AugSquaredance. Caller: Dave WilsonHågelbyHågelby
Mo 05 AugLeif Kronlund med Skansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 06 AugKeith ElwinsHågelbyHågelby
Tu 06 AugKvartersgängetUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 06 AugMicke AhlgrensSkansenSkansen
We 07 AugStarlinesAkalla ByAkalla By
We 07 AugNordiska Brasskvartetten (fri entré)Farsta KulturkommitteFarsta Gård
We 07 AugWermdö DurspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård
We 07 AugSwing City 2002 (konsert 18:00)Rythm Hot ShotsNalen
We 07 AugPolskegrisarna (instr Bingsjö 19:30)SkansenSkansen
Th 08 AugFernandozHågelbyHågelby
Th 08 AugWahlén o SegebladÅrstablickÅrstaliden
Th 08 AugSwing City 2002 Nattsudd m flRythm Hot ShotsNalen
Th 08 AugStockholms SpelmanslagSkansenSkansen
Fr 09 AugSwing City 2002 (konsert 18:00)Rythm Hot ShotsNalen
Fr 09 AugMats BladhsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 10 AugWermdöbygdens Spelmansstämma. Dans fr 19wgd/wdgWärmdö Bygdegård
Sa 10 AugSwing City 2002. Holiday in Harlem m flRythm Hot ShotsNalen
Sa 10 AugMats BergmansSkansenSkansen
Su 11 AugGnesta Spelmän (Eva Tjörnebo 17:30)Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgHyttlöts utedansbana
Mo 12 AugMotionsdansDanslystnaBrandbergen N.Kron.g
Mo 12 AugLeif Kronlunds med Skansens StorbandSkansenSkansen
Tu 13 AugJontezHågelbyHågelby
Tu 13 AugNilsAndersUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Tu 13 AugCavalkadSkansenSkansen**
We 14 AugMr Christer-Älvsjöbadet
We 14 Augfdg Viljan - sv folkdanser o folklekarFarsta KulturkommitteFarsta Gård
We 14 AugBoda-Bingsjö (instr Boda 19:30)SkansenSkansen***
Th 15 AugMartinezHågelbyHågelby
Th 15 AugSlokhattarnaSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Th 15 AugLöpsjötorparnsÅrstablickÅrstaliden
Th 15 AugKultisarnaSkansenSkansen****
Fr 16 AugBenny Anderssons orkester (sep. entré)SkansenSkansen******
Fr 16 AugCurt HaagersIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 17 AugBhonusSkansenSkansen
Su 18 AugSpelm. Stämma 13-16, spontandans. GratisSthlm spelm.gilleHanden g Folkets Hus
Su 18 AugLine DanceSPD BagarmossenBrandbergen N.Kron.g
Mo 19 AugSquaredanceHågelbyHågelby
Mo 19 AugInställt!SkansenSkansen
Tu 20 AugHuddinge DragspelsklubbHgf&Vändelsö GammeldansgBrandbergen N.Kron.g
Tu 20 AugMickeysHågelbyHågelby
Tu 20 AugTorbjörnsUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
We 21 AugAlldans i Kungsan (Peter Kleinwichs)-Kungsträdgården***
We 21 AugBallroom Big Band-Kungsträdgården
We 21 AugDanslagets spelmän (inställt vid regn)Bromma FolkdansgilleStoramossens koloni
We 21 AugAllsång o dans m IOGT-NTO o Mr ChristerFarsta KulturkommitteFarsta Gård
We 21 AugKMH Folk (instr slängpolska 19:30)SkansenSkansen****
Th 22 AugZlipsHågelbyHågelby
Th 22 AugHasse Svedbergs trioSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Th 22 AugKvartersgängetÅrstablickÅrstaliden***
Th 22 AugTommy Löbel. Fri entréSundbybergs jazzklubbTornparken S-berg
Fr 23 AugKindbergsIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Sa 24 AugZethzons (vid regn inställt)Täby GammeldansareTäby festplats
Sa 24 AugDoktor Krall-Brandbergen N.Kron.g
Su 25 AugStora Skuggans dansdag. Fri entré-Stora Skuggan
Su 25 AugHasse Svedbergs (inomhus vid regn)-Tantogården
Su 25 AugLine Dance-Brandbergen N.Kron.g
Tu 27 AugHasse Elvings (fri entré)-Brandbergen N.Kron.g
Tu 27 AugMicke AhlgrensHågelbyHågelby
Tu 27 AugJontezUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
We 28 AugAlldans med Peter Kleinwichs-Kungsträdgården***
We 28 AugBlåsoktetten FlåsetFarsta KulturkommitteFarsta Gård***
Th 29 AugMats BergmansHågelbyHågelby
Th 29 AugHasse Svedbergs trioSkälby-Barkarby bgfSkälby Gård
Th 29 AugJontezÅrstablickÅrstaliden
Fr 30 AugGideonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 30 AugBlack JackIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 30 AugCasanovasMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 31 AugTyrestastämman. Dans fr 17ABFTyresta by
Sa 31 Aug10-årsjubileum 16-24(föranm mat 18-20)Ulvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
Sa 31 AugTowe WiderbergsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 01 SepTangostuga(kroppsh), schottis, BingsjöFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 01 SepZlips o WahlströmsYesterdayYesterday
Tu 03 SepGideonsHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 03 SepMac OlssonsUlvsättra BgfUlvsättra Loge
We 04 SepNacka LåtkvintettEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 04 SepSäsongsstart. Anders LindJesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Fr 06 SepBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 06 SepNattsudd. Rockabilly (Jack Baymore)SamiNalen
Fr 06 SepSamzonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 06 SepMats BergmansIogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 06 SepAvalons o Jump 4 JoyYesterdayYesterday
Sa 07 SepRättviks och Orsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 07 SepPer Gudmundson o Marie StensbyDanshusetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 07 SepKindbergsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 08 SepSpelmansstämma. Visstuga 14. LogdansSolna KulturskolaÖverjärva gård
Su 08 SepBarndanshus, Snoa, FöllingeFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 10 SepMusik ej klarFyrisgilletUppsala Grand
Tu 10 SepCavalkadHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 11 SepRaj RajEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
Th 12 SepHady Prett. Samarr m Stallet. Fri entréPolskedansarnaStallet Stallgatan 7
Th 12 SepSigtuna SpelmänSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 13 SepTrätaktGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 13 SepBodapolskor (Ingemar o Marie)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 13 SepJontezFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 13 SepRussindalens Spelmän 19-21:30 (30:-)Iogt-Nto 31 DrabantenLiljekonvaljeholmen
Fr 13 SepWahlströmsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 13 SepThorleifsYesterdayYesterday
Sa 14 SepDen Flygande BokrullenDanshusetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 14 SepNick BorgenMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 14 SepI afton dans. Peo Jönis Satin DollsSamiNalen***
Su 15 SepPolskeintensiven (pols), Hambo, OrsaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Mo 16 SepRune Carlson Big Band. Konsert o dansSamiNalen
Tu 17 SepMicke AhlgrensHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 18 SepHuddinge DragspelsklubbEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 18 SepLine House Swing (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 19 SepChiquitaHallunda FHHallunda FH
Th 19 SepBro LåtgilleSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 19 SepPolskesnurr (Andreas B)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 20 SepCasanovas 18-22MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 20 SepWermdö DurspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård****
Fr 20 SepHolensFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 20 SepSound ExpressYesterdayYesterday
Sa 21 SepJonas Brandin o Hady PrettUppsala Folkmusikfören.Uppsala Grand
Sa 21 SepWestlings SpelmänÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus****
Sa 21 SepGamla PolareGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 21 SepSpel o danskväll. Barndans 18. GratisVarma FötterYtterjärna VitaHuset
Sa 21 SepGrönwallsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 22 SepManligt dansande, Vals, Senpolsa TorpFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 22 SepGideonsGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 22 SepMartinezYesterdayYesterday
Tu 24 SepJontezHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 25 SepBörjes SpelgängEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 25 SepKurskväll för nybörjare. NyckelknippanGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 25 SepDJ Battle (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 26 SepSödra Dalarna (Ragge)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 27 SepKollijoxGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 27 SepÖverraskningar (Mats Kullander)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 27 SepAnders N o Per R. Konsert 20-21FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 27 SepWorld BeatSelam/RFoDNalen
Fr 27 SepMasbandetSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 27 SepDingtunasFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 27 SepJannezMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 27 SepTowe WiderbergsYesterdayYesterday
Sa 28 SepSatin Dolls o Jump 4 JoyNalens VännerNalen
Sa 28 SepStockholms spelmanslag o Lisa RydbergStockholms SpelmanslagBagarmossen FH****
Sa 28 SepCavalkadMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 29 SepKropp o musik, Tango, GammelvänsterFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 29 SepWestlings Spelmän, JontezMälarsalenMälarsalen***
Su 29 SepSöderfors BrukskapellFyrisgilletUppsala Grand
Tu 01 OctBengt HedinsHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 01 OctSkärholmens dragspelsklubb, Gösta KrantzSkärholmens dragsp.klSkärholmen Servicehu
Tu 01 OctKonsert, dans (kurs 19). Ej kårlegV-dala spelmanslagV-Dala Uppsala
We 02 OctStråkdragetEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 02 OctHjulåkers spelmänGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 02 OctJump 4 Joy (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 03 OctDannysHallunda FHHallunda FH
Th 03 OctHasse SvedbergsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 03 OctBingsjövarianter (Yvonne o Torbjörn)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 04 OctBas, Fiol & DragGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 04 OctÄlvdalen,Rättvik,Boda (Torbjörn o YvonneMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 04 OctBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 04 OctNattsudd. Johny Blue OrchestraSamiNalen
Fr 04 OctCavalkadFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 04 OctBlenderYesterdayYesterday
Sa 05 OctEdsbacka spelm m gäster (sp-stämma 13)Edsbacka SpelmänSollentuna Bibliotek
Sa 05 OctÄlvdalens och Orsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 05 OctKjell-Erik ErikssonDanshusetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 05 OctWestlingsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Sa 05 OctRoynesTäby GammeldansareTäby c, Fören.gården
Sa 05 OctStreaplersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 06 OctTangostuga, polka, polska fr AlftaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 06 OctMac Olssons 17-22 20-årsjubileumGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 06 OctSannexYesterdayYesterday
Tu 08 OctCavalkadHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 09 OctSvartlösa SpelmänEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 09 OctHärs och TvärsGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 09 OctHoliday in Harlem (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 10 OctWermdö DurspelareSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 10 OctDanskväll (Robert P)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 11 OctHamburgskor (Bert Persson)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 11 OctJigesFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 11 OctArvingarnaMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 11 OctSchyttsYesterdayYesterday
Sa 12 OctSigtuna SpelmänÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus
Sa 12 OctDansstugaBygdedansens vännerBagarmossen FH
Sa 12 OctCasanovasVarma FötterRönneb bygdeg Järna
Sa 12 OctBoogie, Swing, Rock till MastercatsEbba DansklubbBredäng Cuben
Sa 12 OctMac OlssonsGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 12 OctKlezmerdanshus m Vilda Nätter (prova 19)Sv. Kletzmerför.Stallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 12 OctMartinezMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 13 OctBarndanshus, schottis, FöllingeFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 15 OctJi Coo´sHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 16 OctDalaföreningens spelmanslagEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 16 OctMalmabygdens B-lagGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 16 OctHasse Ling (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 17 OctDriftersHallunda FHHallunda FH
Th 17 Oct20 år m Polskedansarna (Mats K) HöstmötePolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 18 OctCasanovasGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 18 OctStorpolska fr Vemdalen (Eva o Tommy)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 18 OctDingtunasSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 18 OctJontezFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 18 OctExpandersYesterdayYesterday
Sa 19 OctMac OlssonsLidingö DansgilleLidingö Bodalsskolan
Sa 19 OctCurt HaagersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 20 OctPolskeintensiven, engelska, bodapolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 20 OctJonnysGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 20 OctYam YamVärmdö DansareKvarnbergsskolan
Su 20 OctBlack JackYesterdayYesterday
Tu 22 OctJunixHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 22 OctSwingdans. Gratis prova på 19:00, 20:00Sw. Swing SocietyIgeldammsg. 22c
We 23 OctOlavis TrioEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 23 OctUlf Lundgren och Susanne FredGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 23 OctDJ Battle (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 24 OctHasse SvedbergsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 24 OctUpptäck Västmanland (Margareta o Leif V)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 25 OctKul på hjul. MandixHallunda FHHallunda FH
Fr 25 OctBas, Fiol & DragGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 25 OctFöllingedanser (Margareta o Leif)MälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 25 OctMats Lundmarks TrioTornedalingar i SthlmFarsta Gård
Fr 25 OctAnders N o Magnus S. Konsert 20-21FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 25 OctWermdö DurspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård****
Fr 25 OctSamzonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 25 OctBhonusMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 25 OctMats BergmansYesterdayYesterday
Sa 26 OctTäby Big Band, Nicopia Blue SessionNalens VännerNalen
Sa 26 OctSkarvarnaGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 26 OctZethzonsTuna GilleVtuna Rosendalskolan
Sa 26 OctSpel o danskväll (barnd 18, instr 19)Varma FötterYtterjärna VitaHuset
Sa 26 OctFlamingokvintettenMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 27 OctUr dansens historia, tangoFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 27 OctSigtuna Spelmän, JonnysMälarsalenMälarsalen****
Su 27 OctCinemAfrica. Afrorytmer, algeriskt m.m.Selam/RFoDNalen
Tu 29 OctMona G´sHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 30 OctRajRajEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 30 OctPlayboysGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 30 OctTo be announced (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 31 OctTonixHallunda FHHallunda FH
Th 31 OctMärsta DragspelsgilleSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 31 OctUpptäck dig själv (anmälan)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 01 NovTrätaktGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 01 NovBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 01 NovNattsudd. Knockout Greg o Blue WeatherSamiNalen
Fr 01 NovSwåp. Konsert o dansStallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Fr 01 NovDingtunasFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 01 NovWahlströmsYesterdayYesterday
Sa 02 NovBoda-Bingsjö och Orsa spelmanslagOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 02 NovWestlings Spelmän. 30-årsdagÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus*****
Sa 02 NovPelle Börnlert o Johan HedinDanshusetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 02 NovWinter Salsa Party - HatueySamiNalen
Sa 02 NovSchyttsMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 03 NovTangostuga, Hambo, OrsapolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 03 NovCavalkadGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 03 NovMicke AhlgrensYesterdayYesterday
Tu 05 NovClaes LövgrensHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 06 NovKul på hjul. HäggarnaHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 06 NovWermdö DurspelareEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 06 NovLästringe LåtarGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 06 NovTo be announced (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 07 NovOrsa o Rättvik (Britt-Marie o Bengt)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 08 NovOre, Flåpolska, ÄlvdalenMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 08 NovThor-BjörnsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 08 NovGideonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 08 NovPeriklesMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 08 NovCarina JaarneksYesterdayYesterday
Sa 09 NovStockholms sp-lag, Trollrike SpelmänStockholms SpelmanslagBagarmossen FH
Sa 09 NovKandels KapellSv. Kletzmerför.Stallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 09 NovMac OhlssonsTäby GammeldansareTäby c, Fören.gården
Sa 09 NovDriftersMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 10 NovVals, polska fr RätanFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Tu 12 NovJontezHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 13 NovNacka LåtkvintettEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 13 NovBrodéns kapellGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 13 NovRoyal Blue Melodians (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 14 NovChinoxHallunda FHHallunda FH
Th 14 NovKollijoxSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 14 NovDanskväll (Carina Normansson)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 15 NovKollijoxGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 15 NovPolskor från RamseleMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 15 NovLeif HermanssonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 15 NovJannezYesterdayYesterday
Sa 16 NovInställt!MälparingenSödra Teatern
Sa 16 NovNackastämman-Boo FH, Orminge c
Sa 16 NovSound of Swing, Peoria JazzbandNalens VännerNalen
Sa 16 NovSvärdsjö SpelmanslagStockholmiaBagarmossen FH
Sa 16 NovGideonsGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 16 NovBlack JackMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 17 NovKvaddans, Snoa, BingsjöpolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 17 NovJontezGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 17 Novev. KindbergsYesterdayYesterday
Tu 19 NovNordbergsHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 20 NovHuddinge DragspelsklubbEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 20 NovSpelklådaGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 20 NovDJ Battle (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 21 NovSigtuna SpelmänSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 21 NovSörmländsk slängpolska (Bert P)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 22 NovBarbados, Mats Bergmans, Ballrom Big BanMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 22 NovLillhärdal, HedeMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 22 NovÖstersunds spelmän Konsert 20-21FolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 22 NovWestlings spelmän (80:-, obs tid)GDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Fr 22 NovWermdö DurspelareWermdö durspelareWärmdö Bygdegård
Fr 22 NovLöpsjötorparnsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 22 NovTonixYesterdayYesterday
Sa 23 NovInställt!Varma FötterYtterjärna VitaHuset
Sa 23 Nov20-årsjubileum, danskväll. FöranmälanPolskedansarnaSödra Teatern
Sa 23 NovGnesta spelm, Härs o Tvärs. Kurs 16:30Gåsinge-Dillnäs dgMölnbo Folkets Hus
Sa 23 NovGammeldansafton Tensta SpelmanslagTensta FolkdanslagTensta Bygdegård
Sa 23 NovBollnäsbygdens sp-lag, Ultuna sp-lagUppsala Folkmusikfören.Ultuna Studentkår
Sa 23 NovSound Expr,Vanillas,Carina J,Leif KronluMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 23 NovKriminal Tango, Nuevo Peru (60:-) Mat mmFriteatern, Kultur o musBristol, Sundbyberg
Su 24 NovDen äldsta polskan.,Tango, SlängpolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 24 NovDalapolisens spelmän, LiljedahlsMälarsalenMälarsalen*****
Su 24 NovRaj RajFyrisgilletUppsala Grand
Su 24 NovFreidlach mit kneidlachStallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Tu 26 NovThor-GöransHallunda FHHallunda FH
We 27 NovBörjes SpelgängEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 27 NovGnesta SpelmänGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 27 NovBernt Rosengreen (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 28 NovKindbergsHallunda FHHallunda FH
Th 28 NovFryksdalingar (Inger o Leif S)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 29 NovKlackpolska Ångerm, senpolska HaveröMälparingenHägerstensåsens MH
Fr 29 NovBengt HedinsSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Fr 29 NovJonnysFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 29 NovZlipsYesterdayYesterday
Sa 30 NovWestlings SpelmänÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus
Sa 30 NovLöpsjötorparnsLidingö DansgilleLidingö Bodalsskolan
Sa 30 NovSimbi - vodou beat. Instr haitiskt 19Stallet Folk&VärldsmusikStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 30 NovMicke AhlgrensMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 01 DecBallroom Big Band, Leif KronlundsNalens VännerNalen
Su 01 DecTangostuga. Stigvals, BodapolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 01 DecCasanovasGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 01 DecTowe WiderbergsYesterdayYesterday
Tu 03 DecMicke AhlgrensHallunda FHHallunda FH
Tu 03 DecÖra Konsert o dans - ej kårlegskravV-dala spelmanslagV-Dala Uppsala
We 04 DecSvartlösa SpelmänEnskedefröjden dansg.Kärrtorp Fyren
We 04 DecLeif-BillyzGåsinge-Dillnäs dgGnesta Elektron
We 04 DecKustbandet & Show TRHS (instr 18:30)Jesses JazzklubbMariahissen
Th 05 DecSigtuna SpelmänSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 05 DecIdel öra (Ami o Ellika Frisell)PolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 06 DecKul på hjul. Happy TunesHallunda FHHallunda FH
Fr 06 DecBoda SpelmanslagBoda SpelmanslagOvanmyra bystuga
Fr 06 DecJontezFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 06 DecDateMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 06 DecStreaplersYesterdayYesterday
Sa 07 DecBas, Fiol & Drag med gästspelmänBas, Fiol & DragMidsommargården****
Sa 07 DecOrsa för hela slantenOrsa SpelmanslagOrsa hembygdsgård
Sa 07 DecDanshus o Pub m Mats BerglundDanshusetStallet Stallgatan 7
Sa 07 DecKvartersgängetGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 07 DecMaltesTäby GammeldansareTäby c, Fören.gården
Sa 07 DecFernandozMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 08 DecHumppa, ÅtabakspolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 08 DecYam YamVärmdö DansareKvarnbergsskolan
Tu 10 DecMona G´sHallunda FHHallunda FH
Th 12 DecSannexHallunda FHHallunda FH
Th 12 DecBro LåtgilleSollentuna GDFRotebro Arena
Th 12 DecLucia - en överraskningarnas aftonPolskedansarnaÅrsta FH
Fr 13 DecDans och LuciatågFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Fr 13 DecSamzonsFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 13 DecBoogartYesterdayYesterday
Sa 14 DecJulfest med konsert och dansKMHFolkMusikhögskolan
Sa 14 DecMats BergmansMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 15 DecLångdan, Schottis, RättvikspolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Su 15 DecBengt HedinsGDV HusbyHusby Träff
Su 15 DecSlagsta Gille, GePe Sista söndagsdans(?)MälarsalenMälarsalen****
Fr 20 DecDingtunasFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 20 DecHjältarnaMälarsalenMälarsalen
Fr 20 DecDriftersYesterdayYesterday
Sa 21 DecSalsa Gala NightSamiNalen
Sa 21 DecCavalkadMälarsalenMälarsalen
Su 22 DecFoxtrot, hambopolkett, BingsjöpolskaFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Th 26 DecMac OlssonsTuna GilleVtuna Rosendalskolan
Th 26 DecRoyne Olssons OrkesterFyrisgilletUppsala Grand
Th 26 DecCasanovasYesterdayYesterday
Fr 27 DecJigesFKC AlvikVästbergasalen
Fr 27 DecSound ExpressMälarsalenMälarsalen
Sa 28 DecSpel- o danskväll. Instr 19, dans 20Varma FötterYtterjärna VitaHuset
Sa 28 DecJontezGDV JakobsbergAspnässkolan
Sa 28 DecNattsudd. Wildfire Willie o The RamblersSamiNalen
Su 29 DecJullekar, Tango, Hambo från HedeFolkmusikhusetSkeppsholmen fhskola
Mo 30 DecLeif-BillyzÖrjansringenAlvik medborgarhus*****
Mo 30 DecColor Tango (270:-)Tango NorteNalen
Tu 31 DecKindbergsMälarsalenMälarsalen